Friday, April 11, 2008

And It Came To Pass

I guess one of the first things I could share is one of my favorite bible phrases. That phrase is "it came to pass". I found it to be in the bible approx. 457 times according to
There are few things in life outside of knowing God and Jesus, that can be counted on more than the knowledge that "it all comes to pass".
You see, we can be in the deepest, darkest valley, with no hope of anything changing and there is comfort in knowing that given enough time , "it will pass." Times are hard? It will pass.....a bad day? will will pass and on and on.
By the same token, if you are high up on the mountain top, all is well in your world, everthing is good and alright, will pass. Yes, change is what life is all about. As I have gotten older I don't accept change as well as I did when I was younger. Seems there is much comfort in things and situations staying the same. I am reminded though how sometimes change is good if only I am able to embrace it and accept it. Maybe that is one of the reasons I love butterflies. They start out as something not really so pretty, catapillars........(I think?) then blossom into something as beautiful creature as a colorful butterfly. My how they are pretty. Change is necessary for them to become what God would have them to be. I have to remind myself of that often as my children have left home one by one. It made me sad, but now I see change in them and know that God is working something beautiful in their life and the lives of their families.
It came to pass........thank you Father for change. Someday all things will be old and then we will be able to truly embrace what is new........that is our new home in heaven! Oh the streets of gold how lovely they will be. This old body with all its flaws ..changed. And oh! to see the face of my sweet Jesus, I long for that day!
And it came to pass.
Blessings of peace and all that is good,
Ps; Am all proud of myself, taught myself to transfer this beautiful butterfly onto my blog. Will wonders ever cease? LOL.


Me Maw said...

just seeing if this works.

Fearless-Isaiah41:10 said...

Mom,for a long time I thought that "it came to pass" meant that something was bound to happen, then sure enough... it happens.(almost like a prediction) But, as I have gotten older and experienced more life and change, I realize it does mean that things never stay the same. Praise the Lord. I can't wait until I go to heaven. Hey, maybe that is where the saying, "She passed away" originated... passing from death to another life. Oh, well... Hey, just wanted to say I am the first ever person to view and comment on your blog!!! Hey, I was the first born and the first to comment... I just like being in 1st place;0) hee hee...nothing like a little friendly sibling rivalry.. Love your daughter.
PS I must say, I am impressed at your techno savy self!!!

Me Maw said...

Thank you fearless-isaiah41:10 for being the first to comment on my blog. this is all so neat....don't ya think?

Grayquill said...

Blog number two - very nice! This is worth reposting in the here and now - just my opinion.