Thursday, July 17, 2008

Memories of Me

Memories are a funny thing. You can take 2 adult children from the same family and ask them to recall memories of a particular time or event in their childhood and often the recall will be totally different. I don't understand this oddity, but I have found it to be true with my own siblings.

What an overwhelming task it is to try and record ones memories.

I was born in Port Sulfur, La. This is a very small town just a few miles south of New Orleans. The Mississippi river runs along one side of the main highway and the Gulf of Mexico runs along the opposite side of the highway. While riding down the main road you can look up on either side and see ships and barges floating by. This little town has been destroyed by more hurricanes than anyone cares to remember. With the last being hurricane Katrina. But yet, I read people are moving back and building again.

My father was from a small town in Alabama and my mother from New Orleans. They came from two different worlds. I understand they met when my Dad was getting out of the Navy and his ship docked in New Orleans. I think they knew each other about a week or two before they married. Momma told him she was 18. She was 16. My dad was about 6 or 7 years older. He was country boy. She was a city girl. A match made in heaven...right?

We lived in Port Sulfur very briefly. I understand their was also a brief try at living in Alabama. To say that my Momma could not "adjust" to county life and red dirt roads, would be an understatement. And by the same token, I don't think my Dad ever felt comfortable living where houses were only about 3 or 4 feet away, and yards were often made of concrete. Somewhere along the way of those early days, New Orleans would become our home.

I am often amazed at how those early memories of home stay with you throughout your life. Although I have some painful memories of these times, God has helped me to remember alot of the good times as well.

I have called many places "home" since those days.

But I'll never feel quite at home....till I get to heaven and walk around those streets of gold.

Oh, what a day that will be, homecoming day, when my Jesus I shall see.

Blessings, Peace, all good.

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