Thursday, August 21, 2008


Blogitis - The inability to form words on thoughts when faced with a blank white screen.

Just as I was beginning to make a few blogger friends, what happens? That's right...Blogitis. I don't know how often this condition affects other bloggers, but I seemed to have developed a good case of it the last few days.

So I figured if I could not think of what to write I would just write about my lack of writing. I know I have had plenty of thoughts the past few days...but just unable to formulate them onto a screen and then post.

Maybe the floodgates will open now and I will be able to just blog away. Heres hoping by just typing these few words it will stimulate my blog cells! LOL!

Blessings, peace, all good,


Anonymous said...

Well, I am never lacking for words to put on paper or a screen, but alas time is ever passing. I do not have enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I would desire.. including blogging. BTW I love to read your blog... I am your #1 fan ! so write about the day you've had... write about random stuff.. not every has to be earth moving... I would love to hear about the annoying speakers in Wal-mart or your weird relationship with the chinese people at China Wok.. hee hee I love you Mom, Jen

Me Maw said...

"Never lacking for words" ...since birth I tell ya! And I am in a positon to know. LOL

There is an authors heart living in you my child...

Random stuff? Really? I can do random.

I love you. Mom