Saturday, August 16, 2008

If I Could Dance With My Father Again

Yesterday, August 15th was my daddy's birthday. I am a little late posting this due to technical difficulties, (see previous post). My Dad left us a few years ago to live in his new home in heaven. I miss him and I have thought of him off and on throughout the day today.

He was an American hero. He was in the Navy at Guadalcanal, during WWII. He was not part of the major battle at Iron Bottom Sound, where so many of our naval fleet and troops were destroyed. He had the good pleasure to arrive there afterward. Their mission? To scoop up the dead bodies that floated off shore. He said they would just pile them up on the decks of the ships. He said war was hell, and I believed him.

As I have mentioned before, he and I had the opportunity to go back there a few years before he died. The first picture noted above is when he first joined the navy, the next was taken the night before he and I left to go back there for a visit. He was so excited. I had bought him that sailor hat and he so enjoyed wearning it. The third picture posted is one of he and I arriving at Henderson airfield. This little air strip is what all the fighting at Guadalcanal was about. The Japanese were trying to take it, and it was the only airstrip in that region of the world that could be used to support our troops deployed in that area of the world.

We landed on that very strip. I don't know if I have ever seen my Daddy happier. It was a blessed trip from start to finish.

When I was little daddy would let me stand on his feet while we danced to Bing Crosby or Dean Martin. His feet seemed like large boats they were so big! I would laugh and have the best time as he would swing me around, dancing and singing to "I Left My Heart In San Francisco.

Growing up I believed that my daddy was perfect. He worked hard in the oil fields of south Louisiana, but his job kept him away alot. He was a good man and a good daddy,but not perfect. He had his own vices, weaknesses and failures.

But what I would now give to just be able to jump up on those shoes of his and dance with my father just one more time.

May you rest in peace daddy, I still love and miss you,

Blessings, peace, all good


Jenny said...

What beautiful eyes he had...bedroom eyes they call it. My fondest memory of Paw Paw is the day he came to my wedding shower. He didn't mind being the only man there. Looking back now, it blesses my heart to know that he did that for me, and never once batted one long eyelash about it.
Now there is a man in touch with his manhood. Must be why I find that so attractive in my husband. See my latest post!
I love you, Jen

Memaw's memories said...

So many of us would love to have that same opportunity. I think we girls have a special bond with our fathers.

Mine was stubborn, and hard on us kids, but he mellowed in his old age.

I was very close to him since I had lost my mother at a young age. My daddy has been gone for 15 years, and I still miss him very much.

Such a beautiful tribute and so lucky to have been able to take him badk to his youth.

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! This is so cool memaw!!! -Isaiah