Thursday, October 9, 2008

Musings At 30,000 Feet

I love to travel, but I dislike greatly getting up at 5:00am for a 6:45 am flight. But everything went just fine getting to the airport this morning and I am grateful. I am presently writing this en route probably somewhere over Pennsylvania, this original draft being written on the back of my e-ticket,(no laptop for me). I have come to enjoy writing with a passion.

There is a very lively group of middle age women on board with us. They all have the same tee shirts on and they are all very "happy" to be going to NYC. Presently they are singing their version of "New York,New York". I like Frank Sinatra's version much better. It is apparent they have had a "few" drinks. It is 6:45 am for crying out loud. The sweet thing is, at least they are on the back of the plane and we are one row away from 1st class. Yes!

It is now 1 1/2 hours into the flight and I finally hear silence in the back of the plane. Either someone has asked the "ladies" to give it a rest or they passed out. Either way...makes me happy!

You must have a sense of humor to participate in mass travel. I just turned my head to the left and my seat mates face was 2 inches from me. I could have kissed this lady if I was so inclined, but wasn't. I did hold hands with the guy to my right.

Well, we'll soon be making our descent into the big city. Gonna make my way to the restroom. I asked the flight attendant if I could get up because the seat lights have been on the entire trip. She said yes, but it was "at my own risk". So, OK I'm thinking, if the plane goes down you'll find my body somewhere around seat 6B,the lavatory, or...perhaps the 30,0000 feet below!

I am going to cast all caution to the wind and make my way to that bathroom!

Blessings, peace, all good,


jenn said...

You are living on the edge girl!! Using the restroom with the lights still on??? How dare you?? What is there's turbulence? What if the plane goes down? You know you want that strap of $5 material around your waist!! Yep that's gonna save your life right there... Never heard a survivor get out of a plane crash and say," well, I made it.. but the guy next to me didn't wear his belt.. poor soul!" Ha ha.. luv ya

waywardsoncamehome said...

Memaw I love you, It's Isaiah talking to you. I'm about to be in the third grade. How are you today? What does the underwear cowboy look like? Does he wear underwear and so does the horse? (I can't make this stuff up Dad speaking) If I were there it would be funny. How does it look there? Does Pepaw wear the same cowboy underwear?(lol)Do they have fun stuff there like FunZone? Bye memaw I will see you in a little while. From Isaiah (typed by dad)

waywardsoncamehome said...

Memaw check out my blog on daddys blog. Its called

Me Maw said...

Hey Isaiah! I love you too and thanks for visiting my blog.

I have pictures of the cowboy and I'll show you when i see you again!

uhm...we won't talk about Pepaws underware! LOL!

Hugs and kisses to all of you!