Friday, November 7, 2008

Bucket List of Cold Dreams

I am an extremely cold natured person. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you, I am cold all the time. Coldness is one of the things I really dislike, falling right in behind darkness.

So why is it I dream of visiting very, very, cold places? Go figure!

I have been dreaming for the longest time to visit the Ice Hotel. There is one is Canada, and another in Sweden. Above is a picture of the one is Sweden. You can actually spend the night in this hotel, not that I am sure I would want to. Maybe just a walk through would be enough for me, LOL!

Another dream I have is of visiting Fairbanks Alaska in January. Why January, you make ask...well that is when and where the "northern lights" can best be viewed.

To see the northern lights! Oh my goodness! How I would love that! I feel it would be one of the most awesome experiences in the world! It would probably make me cry, as does rainbows and fire works!

And lastly...Mount Everest. No, I would not wish to climb it, just see it, maybe from Nepal. I have read dozens of books by people who have climbed this mountain and it is always so inspiring.

So that is what I am dreaming of this lovely fall morning!How about you? Is there some far away place you dream of visiting? To dream it, is to believe it...believing it, is to achieve it!

Blessing, Peace, all good.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh gosh i am always cold too! and i do not want to go to cold places either. thank you very much, i'll take florida! ha ha

smiles, bee

Clay Bowler said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I don't mind the cold if I am in a beautiful place. Cold in Chicago isn't fun.