Monday, December 1, 2008

What Does Greed And Death Have To Do With Christmas???

He had spent the evening having Thanksgiving dinner with his sister. After finishing up his meal, Jdimytai "Jimmy" Damour 34, left to go directly to work. He worked the night shift at the local "Super Big Store" in Valley Stream, NY, as a temporary maintenance worker.

It would be Jimmy's last Thanksgiving meal.

Around 5:00am on Friday morning, two thousand of Valley Stream's finest citizens, crashed through the stores sliding glass door and trampled Jimmy to death.

You see some were desperate for $25.00 VCRs and $300.00 lap top computers, and whatever else "Super Big Store" decided to slash prices on that day. Never mind the fact that they only had 10 or 20 of them to sell, some folks were desperate enough to kill for for these "things".

But on second thought, desperate is not the correct word. GREED. Yes, that is the word that best describes what killed Jimmy. Greed on the part of the shoppers AND greed on the part of the store.

How many more Jimmys will have to die before stores are made to stop this dangerous practice of creating mob scenes, that result in injury or death to shoppers, all in the name of the almighty dollar?

There ought to be a law. Yes, I know we already have too many laws, but one more won't hurt us. Not if it will provide safety and prevent the loss of life.

It saddens me that Christmas has come down to this for some folks.

Would to God that we would all keep Christ in our Christmas this year. May our focus be on the greatest gift that was ever given to man kind.

***A gift you don't have to stand in line for
***A gift that is available to everyone, all year, always & forever
***A gift, most important of all, that has already been paid for, FREE to all that ask and receive!



Penless Thoughts said...

Wonderful post.....I'm with you...I hope the result of this terrible "crime" is the stopping of these mad shopping scenes. I wonder how all those "good citizens" feel. I heard they got angry when told they were closing down the store......why, they wanted to shop. It says sooooo much about life in America today and it's not good.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

it was dreadful, wasn't it? soooo sad.

hugs, bee