Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cake Anyone???

Have you ever felt this way? I have once or twice maybe. This little cartoon just "cracks" me up! Makes me smile! Funny thing is I identify with not only the "fruitcake" but also the "Psych MD" sitting in the chair!!!I have had countless patients who have approached me complaining that they felt unliked and unloved...problem is they have been drinking and or drugging for years and their family and friends have long lost hope and shut them out...but yet they wonder why they are not liked and loved.

Just been thinking about...what kind of cake I am...really...

...probably Coconut!

~~~A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother~~~ Proverbs 18:24

PS: If anyone needs to be encourged about todays youth, I point you to a young man's blog I read earlier tonight. How encouraging it is that God is still calling, leading young men, he is new to the blogging world and would probably appreciate a visit. Read his latest post here at Down In The TrenchesHe will bless your heart and he is my 17 year old grandson!


Susan said...

What a cute cartoon. Yes, I think we've all felt like both parts of it.

I'll go visit your grandson's site. How blessed you are to have a grandson that God is speaking to and he is hearing!!!!

Susan said...

P.S. Me again, Debra. The link did not work for the blog.

Brenda said...

How funny!
I'm sure some think I'm a fruitcake.
I would like to say I'm an Angel food cake, but, in reality and because of my 'warped' sense of humor I probably lean towards Devil's food cake!
Oh well, as long as we're sweet, right?!
I'll check out your grandson's blog.
btw, thanks for the 'prayer' question. I'll let you know when I answer it.

Kellie H said...

I loved Brock's post too. Isn't he great? Love you!