Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Brittney!

Happy, Happy Birthday to a very sweet and a very cool granddaughter who will now be licensed to drive in the state of Mississippi!

I know I'm a bit prejudice, but I've always thought you were so photogenic and oh so cute! are a Princess and a darling!

You never had me fooled for a minute! You were a very good cheerleader but I always knew you were destined for greater things!

Like this!...Does anyone REALLY want to mess with THIS "steel magnolia"? LOL!...I didn't think so!

Tell me does one go from this...

To this!... Absolutely amazing!

We are so proud of the beautiful young women you have turned out to be. Not only outward beauty, but more importantly, the inward beauty and strength we see from day to day!

Happy Birthday Britt we love you bunches. Hope you have a great day!

MeMaw & PePaw


Brittney said...

Thank you very much, i love you lots. Thank you for all you have done for me through out the years.

Andrea said...

Brittney is beautiful, and I know you are so very proud of her. My little granddaughter, Anna, is 1 year old today! Blessings.

jennifer said...

Brittney is stunning. Reading her comment shows me that she has a beautiful heart too.

Happy Birthday to your lovely grandaughter and I pray a blessing over her life!

Simply_Pam said...

Oh she is lovely ! I have only 1 grand daughter (and 5 grandsons)She just turned 4.. watching her grow is a joy.