Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Remains

Just 14 years old.

There was to be a school dance at the Recreation Center. They had one of these most every Friday night. But this Friday night would be very special.

Just the Saturday night before, I had met Mickey at another school dance , (yes, we had lots of dances in those days). We spent the whole evening dancing and having a great time. He asked if I would meet him at the next Friday night dance, the one at the Recreation Center and I said yes.

Lying in bed, night after night,I had pleaded with God to please send me a boyfriend. Someone special, that would love me. Things were so awful at home, with so much fussing and fighting between my parents. I just knew if God would send me someone, it would somehow make everything bearable. I would have someone to love and share life with. I was so happy! Could Mickey be "The One" that was being sent in answer to my prayers? Oh! How I hoped so!

While it would be many years later that I would actually have a Conversion experience, I had loved God for as long as I can remember.

I had a devoutly Catholic Grandmother that lived with us during my early years and as I look back now, I believe it is she that I have to thank for instilling this earliest love for God in my young, tender heart. I also had a paternal Grandmother, whom I didn't see as often, and she too loved God very much. She was of the Baptist persuasion.

But, I digress. Back to The Dance.

It was October 1967. Whatever would I wear? I borrowed a red pleated skirt and a red/black/gold stripped shirt from my best friend. I imagined how things would go that night. How Mickey and I would again dance the night away. He had even called me a few times during the week to talk. Why he might even ask me to "go steady"! Be his girl! It was gonna be lovely! It would be a night to remember! The night of all nights! Yes! Yey! Me! A boyfriend, at last!

It seemed like forever before Friday night arrived. I can still remember my Dad driving me and my best friend, Lorraine to the dance. Telling us to be careful and not leave the dance and what time he would be there to pick us up. We were to meet up with another friend, Cecilia, and then we would all pair up with our respective boyfriends.

The dance was in full swing by time we entered the doors. The band was playing loud 60's music. Black lights were everywhere making all the white colors jump out like neon signs!

Lorraine's boyfriend was there waiting to greet us. Cecilia's boyfriend, Steve, arrived a few minutes later. And my date for the evening...well...he just never showed up.

I felt so humiliated. Standing there song after song with no one to dance with, no one to talk to or have fun with. With each passing song, my dreams and hopes for the evening faded. And in that disappointing moment, my young, girlish heart doubted that God would ever send me anyone special.

But then a funny thing happened.

There were just a few songs left and the evening would be over. " Thank goodness", I said to myself. I wanted to get home so I could cry by myself. I was standing there talking to my friends Cecilia & Steve, when the music started to play again and this Guy, with this really great smile, walked right up to Cecilia and asked her to dance!

I sort of took a step back, thinking, oh no, Steve is gonna deck this Guy! How could he walk right up to his girlfriend and ask her to dance? Cecilia quickly turned to the Guy and said, "Well, I'm with Steve, but why don't you ask Debbie to dance?"

So "The Guy" turns to me, smiling, and asked, "Wanna dance?"

I said, "Yeah...sure"!

That was 42 years ago.

We're still dancing.

~~Same time, same place, two weeks later, "The Guy" with the lovely smile, asked me to "go steady". He gave me his bracelet to wear with his name etched across it, " Wallace". It wasn't expensive, dime store quality actually, but I cherished it and kept it for 42 years. It's old, tarnished and very worn now, but the love that it symbolized so many years ago...remains.~~

Happy Anniversary to "my knight in shining armor! " I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and I'll love you for all our tomorrows!

What therefore God hath joined together... Mark 10:9


Andrea said...

What a beautiful, beautiful story of love!!! God is so good, and He saved the very best for you! It is wonderful!

Thank you for sharing the lovely story of you and your husband. God is faithful to hear our hearts, and He saw your precious love for Him. Oh, how He took care of you, and, oh, how He continues to do so.

Happy anniversary, and many, many blessings to you and your dear one.

With Christ's Love,


Susan said...

Oh what a sweet lovely ending to your story. God doeth all things well!!!!! Happy 42nd Anniversary.

Jen said...

How very very beautiful....I never knew you were waiting on someone that night. God does have his own plan doesn't He? I love you both. Jen

jennifer said...

I am SO glad that you left a comment on my blog. I was on my followers list trying to come over to YOUR blog from there and couldn't. Sort of funny isn't it? You on my blog while I'm trying to get to yours (I should have just logged into my Google Reader but that makes too much sense for me).

ANYWAY! I love your love story. I'm so glad he asked you to dance. Happy Anniversary!

Art said...

Awesome! Happy anniversary!

And just think, that other guy has been kicking himself for those same 42 years! :)

Anonymous said...

Awh MeMaw! You are going to make me tear up! ha I'm so thankful for that blessed bracelet. I'm glad it's still around ;)
Love y'all.

Amrita said...

LOvely romantic true life stroy. THe memories of the 42 years must be so precious.God bless you both

Colleen said...

What a beautiful story. Thank you! Happy Anniversary!