Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Catfish: Southern Style With A Northern Twist

This past Saturday my husband and I spent a lovely day together visiting antique and thrift stores in Jackson, Mississippi. We stopped at a very unusual restaurant for dinner. It was a seafood restaurant called "Jerry's Catfish House".

It was unusual because it was igloo shaped! An igloo, in the south, that is a restaurant! Imagine that!!

The inside was just as interesting as the outside. The walls were painted a bright yellow and trimmed in kelly green. The floor red. There were two levels for dinning,and all sorts of wild life were on the walls, fish, deer and moose.

And of course the fried catfish was wonderful. "All you can eat"! And we ate...a lot! This is a photo of the left overs mind you!

If you find yourself in Jackson, Mississippi and needing a place to eat, I highly recommend this igloo. I mean restaurant!


Mimi said...

I love family friendly dining and of course NOT A CHAIN RESTAURANT!!!! Loved the uniqueness of the building!!! How cool is that!!!!
So glad you had a fun day with the husband!!! And shopping at that!!! Mine would rather have his eyes stabbed out!!!!

Susan said...

Oh I love different places and this one would certainly qualify. I adore the interior.

Anonymous said...

I pass that igloo every time I go to the doctor. I've always wondered if it's any good or not. I might just stop and try it now! =)

jennifer said...

I don't eat fish but I would LOVE to go there for the novelty of it. I bet the have good onion rings!

Anita C. McCants said...

WOW! Awesome place!
And of course your
dish made me hungry. :~)