Friday, August 21, 2009

Strange Happenings And Things That Go Bump In The Night

This is South Mississippi. Fall does not usually arrive till mid October, or at least that is the time the leaves usually begin to turn and a few begin to fall. I've noticed all around town, in recent days, hints of leaves beginning to turn colors. I don't think I've ever witnessed that happening this early. Does anyone know what this means?

Does it mean maybe the Saints will go all the way to the Superbowl? LOL! Just kidding! I will settle though for more games won than lost, if I must...

Isn't this lovely? I got up last night, going to the bathroom, half asleep, and somehow, someway, missed seeing the corner of the wall...thereby breaking my toe! Ouch.

Yes, I know, I otherwise have a beautiful foot! LOL!NOT!

I was determined all day to not go to the doctor. They don't do anything for broke toes, but it is, at this point continuing to throb and feel numb, so I may just have to reconsider. I don't know, will just have to see.

Hope and pray all of you out there in blogger land have a great weekend!

Blessings of peace & all that is good.


Anonymous said...

I hope the Saints go all the way! You ain't the only one from Louisiana who wants to see them do good! Sorry to hear about your foot. I'll have to tell you some of my dancing stories about feet one day. Love you dear MeMaw!

Susan said...

Oh that toes looks so sore!! It's getting spring like earlier here, too. Something is going one?

jennifer said...

Bless your heart!! I am so sorry about your toe. It looks very painful. Prayers that you will heal quickly.

Hubby and I decided that we are now N.O. Saints fans. We've never had a pro team that we cared enough to pull for (just the TIDE!!) so we've adopted your Saints.

If you ever do a post about them let me know. We may need help getting into pro football :)

Hugs Debra!

Memaw's memories said...

Poor foot. Hope it stops hurting soon.

Brenda said...

That looks horribly painful.
I've noticed some of our leaves turning some too, here in CO. I'm wondering if it was because we had such a wet summer.

Just Me said...

OUCH!!! I'll pray that heals up quickly!

No signs of fall here yet, but we have had more rain this summer than any summer I can remember! You can barely get the grass mowed in between the rainstorms!

Have a wonderful (and hopefully less painful) weekend!

Art said...

Youch! Good luck with that foot! Of course you should always go to the doctor even if they cant do anything about it. I learned that the hard way!

Grayquill said...

OUCH!Yaoweee! I am so glad it is your foot an not mine. Sorry for being so mean. I hate that kind of pain. I am so - sorry! I hope it heals fast.
FYI - that is not bump in the night - that a big pain in the night.
PS - listen to ART

Colleen said...

Ouch!!! Hope it feels better soon!

Maxine said...

Oh no! Your poor toe! I have had that happen to me and I do know they say you can't do anything for it. But I suppose it's wise to check on it if it hangs on too long.

We have had our leaves turn early during the summer, but this year it didn't happen. Maybe it has something to do with the amount of rain you get because we sure have been getting more than our share this year.

And about the pro teams, I'm a huge New York Giants fan so we may have to have some words later this season.:)

Mimi said...

I say go to the Dr., my husband broke one of his middle toes like yours and never went, now after several years, the toe does NOT lay flat, making wearing shoes very painful!!! Go have them splint it or something so that your toe heals right!!!
I love FALL, my fav season as we here in AZ really do not experience fall leaves!!!
We go up north to Flagstaff to see beautiful fall foliage!!!
hugs to you and take care of that toe!!!