Saturday, September 26, 2009


I sit in a dark car alone.
Not really though, as God is here.
It is hot outside and the air is so heavy.Every breath, is an ever so slight struggle.

Once in awhile, as I wait, a tear wells up in my eye
and I have to brush it away.

I'm in the parking lot of a large sports complex.
I try not to worry about her,
but mothers are prone to worrying about their daughters,
even when they're thirty-seven.

She's training for a marathon.
"I have to run eight miles tonight, Mom."
"I think I'll go to the sports complex."

"Well, at least let me go with you and I'll sit in the car, I answered. "
"Every few miles you can check in with me and I'll know your okay."

As I wait here alone with my thoughts, I wander back in time.
Vivid memories of a sixteen year old girl
taking her mother for a chemo treatment,play like a silent movie across my mind.

How she so carefully laid her mother in the back seat of the car,for the journey home, some forty-five miles away.
A time or two she had to stop and wrestle with me
in my drug induced state.

That day, she was the mother, and I the child.
There were other days like that, far too many as I recall.

But we were fighters, she and I.
I for my life
and she, her mother.

We all made it through, though, as a family and with the help
and grace of our good God.

"Mama, with every step I run in that race, I'm
gonna be beating cancer down in the ground!"

And God willing I'll be waiting,
at the finish line.

More likely than not,
brushing a tear from my eye.


FEBRUARY 28, 2010

***I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Phillipians 4:13***

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Rose said...

Debra, no fair. Where are the Kleenex! That was beautiful and it so tugged at my heart. I guess all us mothers can relate to memories shared with our children. Yours is a very special one. Thank you for sharing such a personal memory and one that has touched my heart. God bless you!

D said...

Hi, Debra,
What a lovely post. (sniff) You have a wonderful daughter. I hope she wins. :)
I so enjoyed meeting you and hubby yesterday, along with the rest of the girls. It was a very nice meeting. We will have to get the group together again sometime.

Allen Skipper said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. Praise God!

Maxine said...

Debra, you made me all teary. What a wonderful memory. What a precious daughter you have. No wonder you will be waiing at the finish line.

Anonymous said...

You're going to make me be all emotional and what not! Being the daughter of 2 marathon runners, I know exactly the work it takes. But if anybody can do it, Mrs. Jen can! You have such a wonderful daughter and family. I love you guys very much and I hope you guys are doing the best ever. I am praying for you, still!

xinex said...

Oh Debra, this post made me cry. You have a wonderful family. Thanks for coming by. I can't wait to see your pictures. I do hope we can get together again someday too...Christine

Grayquill said...

You had to write that when I have not handkerchief. Tears are still running. WOW – you wrote that like a masterpiece. I almost stood up cheering for your daughter. I for sure admire you both. The struggle, the depth of love a parent has for their child, the bond a child has with her parent. WOW! – All I can say is WOW!

Fearless said...

Good Morning Moma...well, thanks for the beautiful post. This running stuff turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought...but in different ways. I thought that physically it would be tough ( it is don't get me wrong...)but being able to get everything in each week has been the hardest...time...time..time, but it is worth it for sure...and just like you is my way of saying...cancer, you might have scarred her lungs...damaged her bones...but not I lace up my shoes and say "There will always be dirty dishes and papers to grade...but today,...... today I have a point to prove."

Grayquill said...

@ Fearless - Mom raised a good one.

Susan said...

What a wonderful bond and understanding between you two. You will always be awaiting her at that finish line.

Mimi said...

What a heart touching story, it made me cries tears of joy. I love the fact that we can get to know each other better. Every post I learn something new about the author. God Bless your beautiful daughter for doing this for you and all cancer patients. I would LOVE to run even a small 5-K or 10-K, so Good For your daughter!!!!!I'm proud of her!!!!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful.
And what touched me is the fact that while your daughter's touch to you was so gentle and loving, her resolve to help you beat this was strong and fierce.
Reminds me of the love of the Father for each one of us. And how He is standing at the finish line waiting for each one of us.
Thank you for so eloquently sharing this. **sniff**

Kathryn Magendie said...

Hello Debra - thank you for stopping by my blog ... *smiling*

Brenda said...

What a special bond you have with your daughter. She'll do great!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! This is so touching post...What a wonderful post you share with us about you and your daughter....You won you battle of cancer and your daughter is going to win this race for her and you...This is awesome! Your daughter is beautiful! Have a bless day...Call me sometime...

jennifer said...

Tears. This is so beautifully written. Your daughter looks like a beautiful and strong woman.