Monday, December 14, 2009

The Empty Seat: A Touching Story

I was reading through some comments on Saints sports blogs this past weekend and came across this post. Thought some of you may enjoy it.

"My friend recently went to the Saints/Patriots game. He was able to get 50 yard line tickets. He was seated next to an elderly man named Mr. Boudreaux. My friend noticed the seat next to Mr. Boudreaux was empty and he finally asked him why, at such a great game as this, is this seat empty.

Mr. Boudreaux looked down at the seat and raised his watery eyes and said, 'This is my wife's seat, we have been coming to the Saints games together since 1978, but she passed away.'

My friend had to hold back his tears but asked Mr. Boudreaux, 'Don't you have friends or family that could accompany you to the game?'

Again Mr. Boudreaux looked down at the seat and said, 'I do have many friends and family, but they are all at the FUNERAL!!!

Yeah, this little story had me all teary eyed too, till I got to that punch line! Made me laugh though.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great and blessed day.

Geaux Saints!

"A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance:" Proverbs 15:13


Anonymous said...

Oh how funny. I hear so many great sports stories. Isn't it fun when you have a winning team to support and tell these jokes about?

Rose said...

Debra, How funny! How about those Saints! I am loving every nail biting second they play. Even if they mess up and loose this has been one exciting season for the Saints. WHO DAT!!!!

jennifer said...

I know better than to die during Alabama football season. There wouldn't be a single person at my funeral except some bloomin' Auburn fans ;)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! you had me going, there!

Susan said...

Sounds like one of those golfing jokes about the golfers complaining about how heavy the guy was to drag around the course until they finished the game and could get him to the hospital. Glad I don't have friends like that!!!

Brenda said...

YOU GOT ME! Good one!

Anonymous said...

Thank for sharing the story...made me teary up and then smile. Love our Saints! :D Hope you are have a great day..katherinellen

Amrita said...

Oh dear laugh and cry at the same time

Maxine said...

Oh wow. that was funny. BTW,I am so glad to know that I'm not the only lady who reads sports sites.

Those Saints are something! Glad for you. This is not our year(Giants), but I will join you in rooting for you guys in the playoffs!