Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blessed Are The Merciful

No he didn't...

And neither did she...

And this little group of cuties certainly didn't either...

None...absolutely none of these little Haitian children "made a pact with the devil" that would bring poverty, disease and destruction to their country.

A few days ago, a prominent Christian evangelist (Pat Robertson) was noted as saying that a long time ago the country of Haiti had "made a pact with the devil". This comment came about during discussions of the recent earthquake and devastation in Haiti.

Tonight, at a local church we were visiting, during the preacher's prayer, he insinuated the same thing. Then went on to ask God to bless them anyway.


Why? Why is it during times of great devastation and tragedy Christian leaders feel the need to blame these things on certain groups of people? We had the same thing happen after Katrina. Apparently, Katrina occurred because of the sins of homosexuality and sins of New Orleans!

What about mercy? What about grace? What about compassion for humanity? What would Jesus do? What would Jesus say?

No! No! No! How can these folks represent the body of Christian believers and say these kind of things? What are they thinking? Where are their hearts? Do they have one?

I am unable to say at this time all I want to say on this issue and maybe it is best I be quiet.

For an excellent post about a special young woman who literally gave her life showing young children in Haiti the love of God, I highly recommend you visit "It's Just So Homer" over at

Blessings everyone.


Susan said...

God is GOOD!!!!!!

Rose said...

Debra, oh boy, I will sooooo have to restrain myself on this one. I remember the comments about us during Katrina. Franklin Graham implied the MS Coast(gambling) and New Orleans were receiving God's Wrath along with a Senator or Repr from Alabama who chimed in.
First of all, what arrogance to think you know the mind of God and then what ignorance to even think like that.
We are living under GRACE! The rain falls on the just and the unjust.
The people of Haiti did nothing to bring judgment on themselves. If so, then why are all the other countries that believe in false gods still standing? Why are cities, known for their homosexual life styles still standing? For that matter why is this whole country still standing with the amount of abortions that are done each year?
Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your blog, but I get so angry over comments like that by Pat Robertson. SO much for compassion, mercy and love. Guess he missed those parts of the Bible.

goodnightgram said...

Ohhh! This is such a great post! Thank you for your directness. I'm with you on this one!

Travis said...

Wasn't it Ghandi who said that he liked Christ but not some Christians?

I often wonder if some of these "leaders" ever listen to themselves. They just sound stupid to me.

Earthquakes and hurricanes are natural events. The people affected by them are unfortunate victims of the places they live. Some being that humans call God has little to do with it.

Mimi said...

I agree with you, it makes Christians look like a bunch of hypocrites!!!!
I ahve been tothe Dominican Republic and even though that country is far more of a stable country, it is wreaked with greed and corruption as well, this SHOULD NOT BE occuring in 2010, no safe water, no electricity, no Government that is decent, why does the UN not step in and take control so people all over the world do not live like this????? I know then the UN would be running LOTS of Pverished countries, including more then Half of Mexico!!!! It is indedd a sad day and week, now I read the haitian leader is no where to be found?????
Explain that?????
Again their leader has probably stolen all their money, and he is to blame for part of their demise.
God Help us to be merciful

jennifer said...

I wrote a post too but didn't publish it (I do this a LOT). I may now.

It broke my heart that he would say that. Angered me too.

Awesome post Debra! I'm thankful for your boldness.

sonja said...

Very thought provoking post Debra. I remember my mom used to say "poor God" sometimes, in response to what we as His children do and say.
My prayers are ongoing for these Haitian people. What a disaster it must be to live there and see what they are seeing.


Anonymous said...
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Jacquelyn said...

thanks for this post. I too was so dismayed by Pat Robertson's comment. You said it well here.
Bless you.

BTW, I got the same comment from "Anonymous" regarding a school project...word for word. Do you think this is spam?

Brenda said...

I agree with your post. I was so dismayed to hear those comments!

They call me "Deb" said...

OHHHH.... I heard this too and I would love to say that I was shocked or appalled - but I have come to expect it from ignorance.
I have written and deleted and written again and deleted again here. But you've said it all VERY WELL. So I will just stand in agreement with you my friend.

Maxine said...

I too was saddened and disappointed that Mr. Robertson would say such a thing at such a time as this. I guess he needs much prayer too. God knows exactly what He's doing and He certainly is a God of justice, as well as mercy. All of these calamaties are hidden in the counsels of His perfect will and His ways are past finding out. We should all humble ourselves before Him and not question Him. Our part is to do all that we can to help these poor dear suffering people. And pray for the sins of America too.

But as Susan said, He is good, and doeth good.

Genevieve said...

I like your blog. I'm praying that someday there will be a better Haiti than before, maybe a new start for a poor country. You are right, they didn't make a pact with the devil. Our Lord loves all with the same wonderful unchanging Love. Have a blessed day!

Stacey said...

I'm thinking we need some kind of support group like AA... "Hello, my name is Stacey & I'm not a perfect pastor's wife..." LOL.

I agree with this post! My heart is so broken for these children especially. There are about 150 of these orphans in our area being placed in foster care until permanent families can be found. I wish they would let me have some! I'm going to find out more. Last time we tried to adopt they said "no" because I have MS. Maybe they'll let us do this... we'll see.

Grayquill said...

I am just getting here - It is interesting when trouble comes there are always those who only have words of hurt. I can only assume they are personally missing the Saviors love or at least have trouble hearing Him.
One said how arrogant. Pride is a horrible task master.

Thanks for the link.