Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weather Channel Lurker

Yep! That pretty much describes me the last few days.

Folks, here in the south we are bracing for blizzard like conditions on Thursday and Friday this week!

Just kidding! But it is expected to get down into single digits with wind chill factors around minus 10. There are also predictions of 2 to 4 inches of snow. For those of us here in the south it might as well be a blizzard.

There was an alarming article on the front page of todays paper from the Emergency Management people telling citizens to prepare as much as possible.

I do have a fireplace that has not been used in many years, but I have no firewood. I placed several calls today and seems no one else has any either. Firewood has become a rare commodity in the past few days. Made me think of hurricane Katrina and how scarce gasoline was at that time.

And no, we didn't buy a generator during Katrina either. We went to New York City instead. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but I sure wish we had bought a generator. Oh well, we shall see.

My hat is off to my northern friends who brave this type of cold weather all the time. It's OK if you find humor in us southerners who just don't know how to handle this "Artic Crises".

But hey...I do have four cans of Vienna Sausages in my cabinet, so at least we will be eating "high on the hog"! LOL!

***I do pray that everyone will be safe and warm in the next few days. I trust that our Lord will keep us all safe and in His good care. Weathering storms is what it's all about. Blessings everyone.***


Susan said...

I see you just got spammed with all the foreign language. I had a rash of that and turned my blog where I monitor the comments for that very reason. I didn't come here to say that though!!

We are having the same weather conditions here and I relate, we Okie's are not real good at handling the cold. I am surprised at how many have been complaining, that NEVER does any good, and how many are letting it depress them.

God knows what He's doing!!! Maybe He knows we need to toughen up some. I know I need to, I'm too soft.

Rose said...


I nearly hurt myself laughing on this one. How funny. I have been watching the weather too. I did a few things to prepare. We wrapped pipes, covered some plants but that is about it.
Lol, I see you don't freak out over it either. We didn't buy a generator either during Katrina or since then.
I do have a fireplace and wood so I am good on that point.
I guess I always assume God will take care of us, because I don't rush out and stock up on anything and amazingly I am still here. Go figure!
If it gets to cold for you just come on down to the YUNE and share some fireplace with us.
Stay warm

sonja said...

Yep... here in Texas too! Everyone runs to the store and stocks up as though it is a major event. But hey... like you said.. you've got your vienna sausages... you're good!

Travis said...

When you're not used to it, it's pretty severe. I was going to suggest space heaters, but if you lose power they won't be much use.

Stacey said...

I sooooo needed that laugh after the tears I was shedding over our heating oil bill! Thanks!

Maxine said...

It was even pretty cold in Florida at the Orange Bowl game last night. I think the Lord is making a statement about something. lol We have bitter weather coming tomorrow also, and some snow. Praying we'll all be safe and warm through this winter. It's been a doozy.

Grayquill said...

I hope you stay warm. On the upside - the plumbers will finally get a few weeks work.

Anonymous said...

LOL...LOL...I needed that...I just around the neighbor in 2 miles...I might have to put my boots on and come on over ther to eat vienna with you...I have about 2 cans...The things about us..We have all electric...if the power goes out...We are in trouble. I can go to my BIL next door...They have wood heater...I just hope it won't be Ice Storms...It's would be worst than Hurricane Katrina...Stay in and stay warm...Katherinellen

Brenda said...

It's all over the U.S. isn't it? Of course we're more used to this type of weather over here in CO than you are.
Ration out those Viennas and for sure be safe!
God bless.

Mimi said...

NO such thing as global warming!!! I do not believe it!!!!
Stay warm!!!! and stay safe in the winter weather!!!!
NO ---AZ Cardinals do not play the Saints!!! They have a by week!!!
So we may not play you !!!!We play Green Bay again this week, after they killed us last week!!! Wish us luck!!!haha

Buttercup said...

Sending warm wishes!