Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Is That?

Well, now. It's all over but the shoutin.

And I can't fathom the shoutin to be over any time soon. Not if your a Saints fan and most especially if you've been one for a very long time.

Running through my house screaming, crying and clutching my chest, one might have concluded there had been a death in the family. But such was not the case.

What had happened was, a nano second before, Tracy Porter had intercepted a Peyton Manning pass returning it for a 74 yard touch down, sealing the deal for a New Orleans Saints win.

Yes, I went crazy and no, no one died. Just defeat. That was the only death we had on Superbowl Sunday.

Who is that that say they are going to beat those Saints? Who is that? Who is that?

For the first time in 43 years we can answer the question.

No one.

Well OK, maybe not no one, but definitely not the Colts. Not THIS year.

(Last post on the Saints, I promise. At least till September. Blessings ya'll)


Buttercup said...

Very happy for you! Go Saints!

Rose said...

Amen! Love those boys in Black and Gold. It was so exciting and I feel like Drew Brees, "was that a dream?" No dream that they won but a dream finally realized!

sonja said...

I was thinking of you Sunday and I KNEW there would be a victory dance at your house! Good going!

Mimi said...

Congrats to the Saints!!!!!
I'm happy for the team and the town and all the Fans who believed!!! I had a hunch they would win, remember I told you so!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Man! I went through the 50s so fast, it's not even funny! Then I woke up, and I was 60!!! Yikes! But I thank God for every year.

Maxine said...

You can post on the Saints all you want. You know how I am; I totally understand. That interception was one of the biggest moments in history. So happy for you guys, especially those of you who have been hanging in there with your team for a long time. I would have been running around clutching my chest too. You should have seen me when he Giants won two years ago; and even more so when the Phils won the World Series. Talk about a maniac!

Travis said...

Congrats on the big win!

Brenda said...

That was when I screamed the loudest!
Boy, what a game!

Finding Pam said...

That game was so exciting! It was so good to have them finally win.