Saturday, March 6, 2010

You ever sometimes feel like you need a hug?

I know sometimes I do!
Walking through Walmart tonight I just felt the real urge to have me some "Hugs". Walked right down the isle where they were selling them and picked me up a bag. I had not had these delicious little morsels of pure joy in a really long time!

But there are some folks in need of a real kinda hug, in the worst kind of way! Find a way to give a hug this week end and get a hug! Those kind of hugs are at the very least fat free and won't run your sugar up!

Come on everybody, let's do a little hugging and make someone feel special!

Blessings of peace and all that is good!


Just Be Real/God Whispers In The Wind said...

Wish you were close enough, because I would certainly receive your real hug! For now dear one, (((((Debra))))

Susan said...

I'm a hugger and we have hugging family, friends and church. I'm so thankful for them....both the giving and receiving.

Rose said...

HUGSSS! Now give me one of those "hugs" Great idea Debra cause hugging just makes you both feel good!

sonja said...

Love those HUGS, and the other kind too!



Travis said...

Hugs won't cure everything, but they sure do make ya feel better!

Finding Pam said...

Hugs to you! I love hugs too.

Stacey said...

Oh, how I miss our hugging home church!! The church we are in now is loving, but very "do not touch me"-ish. The first time I hugged someone I got the weirdest looks! Oh well. I'm a hugger. I'm not ashamed of it.

So glad the marathon was a blessing!


Amen sister Debra.

We get big hugs from God all the time. At least we can do is share a hug once and a while with someone in need. Maybe a good place to start is a rest home.


Maxine said...

We do a lot of hugging around here too and at church! Love it! And those Hershey hugs???? They're a real favorite of mine! I would love to have one of them right now and one of your fat free ones too! Hugs back at ya!

Colleen said...

I love both kinds of hugs!!! {{{Debra)))

jennifer said...

I like both kinds of hugs!

Andrea said...

I love hugs! Especially when you know they are real! We all need to be loved, and we all need to love back.

You have such love for others, dear Debra! And, I love that about you!

Many blessings!


Anonymous said...

The 'Hugs' would be so much nicer than the 'Naughty's I got at Christmas. ;-)

Mimi said...

I love hugs!!!!Hugs candy and a real bonafide Bear hug!!!!
I always call myself Barney the big blue hugger, whenever I see you I have to hug you!!!!
Hugs are good for the skin and help to nurture your friendship!!!!