Friday, August 20, 2010


Conversation with self at Walmart a few nights ago:

Oooooohhhh! These are pretty! So nice and soft and they got the New Orleans Saints logo all over them. Now that is just what I've been looking for.

Oh! No! Look! There's only two pair left and they are both extra small. I can't wear extra smalls. Whatever, can't they for once order too much in size 12/14. Half the women in this country are size 12/14 and yet you can never find something you want in that size. Oh well...

No wait, what is this? I found a large right here in the middle of the ugly pants rack. How great is that? They are mine now! Yes sir ree bob, I got me a pair of Saints pajama bottoms. Yep, they are soft and light weight, love, love, love them.

Twenty dollars for a pair of pajama bottoms? That's kinda pricey isn't it? Oh well, we just spent thirty-two dollars at Red Lobster, I guess I can afford these.

Now, sure as I get these, them Saints are going to start losing games. That's how it works. You buy the tee shirt and then they don't win another game that season.

Well who cares now, they won the Superbowl in February. Maybe they won't win this year, but I will at least have a comfortable pair of pajamas to wear. I'm getting them. I don't care. And besides I'm not superstitious. There you go PJ's into my basket you go.

Five minutes later and browsing two aisles over:

But WHAT IF they start to lose. Do I need them THAT bad? I'm gonna put them back. I cannot be responsible for the Saints losing this year. Back over to the rack to put them back.

About that time the husband walks up, "hey, whatcha got there?"

Well...I found these really cute Saints pajama bottoms but....

What's the problem he says, seeing the worried look on my face.

And then I just say to him what I would not say to anyone else in the whole wide world (with the exception of the Internet). If I get these, do you think it will make the Saints lose this year?

He just smiles. It's what he does when he wants to say, "your crazy".

I know. I've loved Jesus for a very long time. God spoke this world into existence and He orders the entire universe. He controls everything and it is not going to make a difference if I buy these pants or not! I am not superstitious, I am not superstitious.

Back into the basket they go and I quickly proceed to the checkout.

Listening to that familiar beep as the bar code passes over the scanner I'm thinking, "besides, they already lost their first pre-season game."

Was just wondering, have you ever found yourself having ridiculous conversations with yourself? Care to share them? (*smile*)

"But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore" Luke 12:7


forsythia said...

Another ridiculous interior conversation:

"So she wanted to buy some pajama bottoms with saints on them. I know she reads the Bible a lot, but saints on pajama bottoms? Weird. Funny, I don't see any saints on these pajamas. Where's Saint Peter? Where's Saint Paul? Where's . . . .oh, THOSE Saints.

Andrea said...

Answer: Yes! And all too often, I'm afraid. Over pajamas and other things, too.

I love the scripture from Luke. How much our Father loves us! Our concerns, however, small, are His, too.

Much love,


Sonja said...

This just hit my funny button today! OH those conversations!! I am so glad to see that others also endure their own strange and amusing dialogs!

On the other hand... what on earth is WRONG with SAINTS pajama bottoms?? Nothing at all, and maybe it will make me feel a little more 'angelic' if I take the word 'saints' THAT way, and besides, they did just magically appear in my size so maybe I SHOULD have them... and on and on... :)

Deborah Ann said...

Lord girl!!! You just made me laugh so hard...

They absolutely will not win or lose according to your purchase.

RELAX!!! in your comfy size 12 pants. (I wear that size too. And yeah, they NEVER have anything in stock that size!)

Anonymous said...

You might want to trade those in on 9/9 for a pair with purple and gold and a large #4!!! ;-)

Jen said...

Oh my goodness!! how funny...I wish I hadn't forgotten to look this up before we left (I was in a gauze changing crisis..member??? ha ha) Well, you put those pjs on tonight...Saints vs Texans...7pm..but don't be surprised if they start losing and you get a phone call from me....asking you to put on the fried egg pjs...hee hee
I love ya!

myletterstoemily said...

my friend sonja sent me here, because
she knew i would think you are FUNNY!

and she is always right!!!

go saints!

Trish said...

I have conversations with myself often and lots of them at Walmart, as I talk myself into, our out of buying something.
Don't worry, God led you to the ugly rack and those New Orleans pants were waiting just for you!
Wear them to cheer on the Saints my friend!

Maxine said...

Most definitely I have! I won't even tell you about my crazy ones. Like we're so important that whatever we do will make a difference with our teams which have thousands of fans. Well, I hope your boys do well this year, except when they play the Giants!!!

Stacey said...

THANK YOU!!!! I so needed a good laugh before going to bed tonight!

And, yes, I catch myself doing that a whole lot! Sometimes I find that I'm being stared at in stores because I'm saying it all out loud and not in my head like I thought!

Stacey said...

Oh, and if the Saints don't have a winning season this year, I'm going to tell the guy at our church who is obsessed with them that it is all your fault because you bought a pair of pajama pants! :)

Buttercup said...

I can't count the number of ridiculous conversations I've had -- and will have in my head. I had one just last week at Macy's concerning a juicer I am thinking of buying. Still thinking and will probably have several more internal conversations about my potential juicer.

Grayquill said...

Wait a minute…did I just get a large dose of female logic? You spent $32.00 at Red Lobster and that somehow makes the pajama bottoms cheaper? My head is beginning to hurt. This reminds me of, “I saved 75% on this leather jacket.” Really, I say, are you telling me you bought a leather jacket and the store put 75% of the price into your checking account? Let’s go buy the store out… we can be rich soon. Gee wilikers. As for the superstitious thing… you were right it is a proven fact. To buy pajama bottoms with the logo on them is like putting a curse on the QB’s mojo. The Saint’s are doomed and it is all Debra’s fault.

Travis Cody said...

I switched the plastic cover on my cell phone from Dodger/Laker blue to Raider silver before the first pre-season Raiders are 2-0.

Unfortunately my Dodgers had won 3 in a row just before I made the switch and are 4-6 since. But they had almost a full season with the blue cover and hadn't taken advantage of it.

Since my Lakers won the championship with the blue cover and my Raiders are 2-0 with the silver cover, I'm going to call this a successful superstition ritual...because I can!

xinex said...

Oh that is so funny, Debra, Thanks for making me laugh...Christine

Kathryn Magendie said...

Go Saints!

I just wanted to stop by - I can't believe you are coming this way during the time I will be visiting my little baby granddaughter! I would have loved to meet you for coffee - I'm leaving 10/20 and will be gone 2 weeks -- now, GMR will be staying home in our little log house, so you can wave at him when you are in MV!

They call me "Deb" said...

Oh my... how hilarious
Now have you thought anything about whether or not your pajamas could cause the Saints to win/lose by when/how you wear them? **wink**
Yes, I've had my share of ridiculous conversations and arguments with myself. No..... I'm not going to share them. I'll just enjoy giggling at yours!
Hugs and blessings my friend,

Mimi said...

That is the funniest thing I have read all day!!!If anything, your story sure gave alot of us our day laughing spell!!Of course I have silly conversations with myself!!!ALl the time, like, I need to get off this computer and get some things done, MAKE YOUR BED, the bug sprayer guy is coming soon and he will think YOu ARE ALZy, no made bed!!haha
like he cares!!
have a Great day
and I love those PJ'S, soft--oh I love that!!!
Preseason games don't count and they loose to show they are not all that!!Then they bring out the big guns!!!
have a great week

jennifer said...

I talk to myself DAILY. And since I'm me, all of the conversations are ridiculous.

I hope that you are having a wonderful week!