Thursday, January 5, 2012


I had a dream the other day.

At least I think it was a dream. My husband was awake at the time and states he can testify to the fact that I was indeed dreaming. I don't normally dream much when I am sleeping or at least I never remember what I dream--but this dream was so very real and it troubled me somewhat. Here's the dream.

I dreamed someone knocked on my bedroom window three times. They were very clear, loud, forceful knocks. Like *KNOCK* *KNOCK* *KNOCK*!

It woke me up and I ran down the hall to the den where my husband was sitting. I said, did you hear that? He said no, he had not heard anything at all and that I was just dreaming. But it was so very real.

Made me wonder if it was suppose to mean something. I mean was God trying to call on me for something? Did my neighbor need me? Did my children or grandchildren need me for something?

Or was it just a silly dream?

I dunno...but if I ever find out I'll let you know.

I've had other dreams. Not in the going to sleep and dreaming kind of dreams, but dreams of the heart, mind, and who knows daydreams. I dream these same dreams all. the. time.

I dream that I could actually string together two or three sentences and actually put together a paragraph. You see in my head and in my heart I'm a writer. But somewhere between my head and my heart it gets blocked in making it to the keyboard. Perhaps that is what they mean by "lost in translation". Sometimes just in trying to make a comment on a blog I will write, erase, write, erase, write, erase and then just quit trying. Today's post is just my desperate attempt to not give up... completely.

I dream I run marathons. Paula Radcliffe is the women's world record holder. She ran 26.2 miles in 2 hours 15 minutes and 25 seconds. I dream about what it would feel like to do that. I dream about just walking half that distance. I even dream what it would feel like to walk to town and back! Six miles max! And yet I dream.

I dream that I could do great and mighty and noble things for God. Yet I seem to fail Him in the smallest of testings from time to time. And yet I dream.

Is it healthy to have dreams that may never be realized? Is it a good thing to just keep plugging along doing the best we can and live with just the hope that one day our dreams will be realized? Hope can't be a bad thing right?

My bible talks a lot about hope. Hope for today--hope for tomorrow.

Here's hoping that all our dreams will come true.

(And if not all of them at least some small measure of them)

A belated Happy New Year to the one or two bloggers that may still be coming this way. Blessings,



Steve Finnell said...

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Susan said...

I believe in dreams - both having them and understanding them and then the putting into action kind of dreams. I think this post is just that.

Sonja said...

oh I SO understand this blog! I dream too, and many times my own dreams are put aside or unrealized, just like so many of us. But the dream that is always deep down inside is the HOPE that Jesus brings. It isn't always realized, or even felt, but He is always there. God knows more than I do, and He has the whole story of our lives, not just the small portions that we see or feel.

I think lots of people will relate to this Debra.

And finally, on this LONG comment, I DO think dreams are so important. It's always better to have a goal and a dream than to not have one. Life can be both sober, dull, and hard... but dreams keep the shining glow of promise in our hearts that there is always more.

Keep those dreams alive, even when you don't understand what they mean! :)


Finding Pam said...

I can relate to your post and I think having hopes and dreams in an intergral part of being human.

Where would we all be without hopes and dreams. So keep on dreaming, Debra.

Wishing you a belated Happy New Year. May it be blessed and full of promise.

John Cowart said...

Hi Debra,

Thanks fro the kind words you left in my blog comment box. You gave me a lift at a bad time.


Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed this - you expressed my feelings exactly. I dream of being a writer - not JUST a writer, but one that paints memorable stories with words that connect and touch and affect readers. I have those things in my head, but yeah... the problem exists between the chair and keyboard.
Don't give up. Your dream is alive and bearing fruit. For you did it! You painted and connected with me and with everyone who reads this!!!
And in connecting with us, you are taking the necessary steps to do those mighty and noble things for God.
Faith. Dreams CAN be realized if you don't lose faith.

Hugs (and dreaming for and with you!)

Anonymous said...

Life is pretty dull without the hopes and dreams - whether we are asleep or awake. BTW, I think you do just fine in the writing department. I'm certain your words have made a positive impact on folks who've stopped by your blog.

Colleen said...

Happy New Year!

Travis Cody said...

I think that both hope and dreams are healthy things. But hope doesn't fulfill dreams. I think that hope keeps one on the path to fulfilling dreams, but one has to do some work to truly make a dream into reality.

And I enjoy when you put thought to the page. You do just fine.

Deborah Ann said...

I once dreamt a heard a clock ticking loudly just outside my bedroom door. I even woke up to go look and see what that was, but when I opened the door I didn't hear anything. Besides, we don't have a clock that ticks that loudly. This happened at 1:00 am. To me it meant "New Beginning." The number one means 'beginning.' All I had to do was open the door - which to me meant to be open to it.

So for your dream, you could look up the number 3 - I know it has Biblical meaning. And then pray and ask God what He's trying to show you. God speaks to me in my dreams all the time!

Trish said...

Lovely...I think that this post proves you to be a writer! And, I so understand about leaving times my mind goes blank! Lol
Hope...keeps our dreams alive.

Mimi said...

Sorry for the long delay in writing!!
it has been a rough start to 2012, but I am feeling back to my normal self!!!God is SO good and I Praise him for touching me!!
I promise I will do better with commenting!!

Haddock said...

Its good that you remember the dream so clearly.
I forget most of them (as soon as I get up) but I know I did dream them.

Grayquill said...

I seem to have been away longer than I thought. Your post reminded me of something Steve Brown said. God did not come to make us good but He came to make us His. I really like that!