Thursday, June 14, 2012


(Pictured right is the Louisiana Cypress tree surrounded by "knees" that grow up from the roots. They say the Cypress tree roots grow as deep as the tree is tall. I've come to appreciate roots--the Cypress tree roots and that of my own as well)

It will forever be a moment frozen in time--in my mind and in my heart.

There we stood in that small tiny bathroom. Just the three of us. Three representing three generations. Mother, daughter and granddaughter. Just an ordinary afternoon of getting myself primped and all prettied up to work the night shift. The only exception was the now unexpected pleasure of a impromptu visit with my daughter and granddaughter. Life is good like that sometimes.

I recall a brief period of small talk--pleasant chatter and catching up as I hurriedly applied powder and lipstick. By now daughter had made herself comfortable perched on the commode seat and granddaughter sat Indian style on the floor. And I standing at the mirror trying desperately to camouflage what the process of oxidation had done to my fifty-nine year old face.

There came a pause to our light banter--a silence actually that looking back now seemed to stretch out for an eternity--though it was only a moment in time. Mom, my daughter finally said, Granddaughter has something she would like to tell you. Oh? I said as I turned from the mirror and looked down at my granddaughter.She looked up at me and as our gazes met no words were necessary. I knew.

All I could do was stoop down and embrace her in my arms. I can't explain the love I felt for my granddaughter in that moment--on that day. Time past, time present and time future all seem to mesh together. We were no longer three generations in that tiny bathroom but to my surprise, four! Mother, daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter as well!

In just a few hours from now I will be welcoming my first great-grandchild into this world. It's unbelievable to me! As I type this tears roll down my face. It's indescribable... During my bout with cancer twenty-four years ago, I struggled to believe I would live long enough to see my youngest child graduate from high school--he was only five years old at the time. Now I have seven beautiful grandchilren and in a few hours a new great-grandchild to boot!

I'll never know why or how I deserve such kindness from the Lord. I'm overwhelmed with His goodness, kindness and grace. Excuse me just a moment while I have church! Thank you!

Blessings everyone of mercy, grace, goodness and peace.


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing such a precious moment in such beautiful words and I loved the picture and the information on it. Yes, God is good and we, who are called by His name, are blessed beyond measure.

Anonymous said...

Oh what tremendous blessings. What a blessed gift!!

Life. Life for you to enjoy the life of your children, grandchildren and now great-grandchild.

May the Lord continue to pour out His blessings of health, wholeness, strength, passion and compassion, and LIFE - to you and your family.

Scoot over - gonna have church with you!!!

myletterstoemily said...

you made this extraordinary moment
transcend you trio (quartet) to include
us all. well done and congratulations
on the precious new one!

Finding Pam said...

Debra, I am so happy for you and the birth of your first great grand child. Your words were so touching and heartfelt.

God is indeed good.

Travis Cody said...


myletterstoemily said...

i can't imagine a blessing beyond a
great grand child!

forsythia said...

That is so wonderful. One of life's beautiful moments for sure. Thank you for sharing your news of this blessed event.

Sonja said...

Great grand child?? It hardly seems possible... we are still such young women!! :)

I am celebrating with you right now as I pray for this precious new life... pictures soon?? :)

Anonymous said...

A great-grandchild! How wonderful. I also enjoyed reading about the cypress trees and the deep roots. I loved your analogy.

Grayquill said...

It took me a while to get here but I made it... What a great post. It left me with a nice smile.