Friday, April 18, 2008

Messages From My Garage & Jamie Lee Curtis

Having now enjoyed being a active member of AARP for the last 5 years I especially enjoyed this months edition as it featured one of my favorite actresses, the lovely Jamie Lee Curtis. She is now turning 50. The article told of how she is now attempting to simplify her life and just go back to the basics. Hence, she is no longer coloring her hair, she wears only black and white clothing, and now chooses acting jobs that will keep her close to her family. I really enjoyed the article and stored it away in the back of my mind.

Last night around midnight, I got into some cleaning projects that took me into my garage. I was stopped in my tracks! You see my garage looks very much like the one pictured. Cluttered! I just stopped and looked at it for a long while. It just dawned on me that my garage and my life had way too much in common. Clutter. Seems the Lord spoke to me in that instant, that maybe I need to simplify my life somewhat as well. Clean out the clutter, get rid of that which is no longer useful or needed. And maybe while I am at it, I can not only clean up the clutter in my garage but maybe also clean up the clutter that sometimes fills my head. You know, thoughts of work, bills, worries in general that take time away from that which is important. God, family and friends.

I am thinking that maybe I'll let my hair grow that I've went from red/blonde/to orange. I love black and white.....maybe I'll throw out all my clothes and just go to black and white also. Just keep it all simple and scaled down. And maybe, by golly, have a rummage sale!

There's a lovely christian song that talks about getting back to the basics of life. Think I'll give it a go! And what are those basics? To love the Lord my God and love my neighbor.

Everything else.................just clutter.

Blessings of peace & all that is good,

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