Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day

Well, "they" say, better late than never. So a post a Mother's Day fits well here about right now. Had a lovely mothers day. Kept it somewhat low key. So wonderful to go to church and worship, then to visit with my children. What more could a mother ask for? I enjoyed every aspect of "my day" except for two things. One, it would have been great to have Scott, Rach and the kids with us here. Two, my youngest daughter- in- love, and I might say our newest mother....sho did do her mother in love wrong! Ouch! How dare she beat me like that in poker!!! No respect, I tell you! (And for those who don't know our family, we only play for plastic chips and bragging rights in our family). But oh my! How we do love our chips! But thanks kids for a great afternoon. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

On a more serious note, and maybe that is why it has taken awhile for me to post about mothers day, I wanted to share something with you. Mothers day night after all had left, I was searching the net. As most of you know I tend to look up stuff that would interest no one but stuff...political stuff...books...and so on. I was surfing the net looking up what "Our Lady Star of The Sea" means. Why.. is a post for another day. Anyway, I came across this young mans blog. His name is Tom. He is in the marines. He had pictures of himself and his wife, and to see them would make me think of Ben & Jaime. Just a young, married couple who seem to love to take pictures of natural landscapes and he also likes to work on his house.

What made me so interested in reading his blog and looking at his pictures, it did not take long before you realized his wife is dealing with stage 4 cancer. It is a rare form of cancer. They seem to be dealing with this battle in such a courageous way.

So on mothers day while I was having such a wonderful day, Tom & Alison was at the hospital getting cancer treatments, and without complaints, so it seems. It just amazes me, that this young couple, could face such adversity, with such grace. And it blessed my heart so much.......and I don't even know these people at all.

It's been awhile since I was visisted with cancer. Somehow reading their blog about chemo and radiation brought thoughts fresh in my mind and heart. I am so thankful for each and every day. I'm so thankful for the lessons I learned during that painful time in my history. Lessons about love, commitment, acceptance, trust. How we really are all in this together. Thank you Father, thank you, Jesus.

I'm sure "our lady star of the sea" weeps for this couple.
God bless you Alison & Tom
May next mothers day be a better one!

There is no such thing as "no hope".

Blessings of Peace & all that is good.

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