Thursday, July 3, 2008

Freedom & The 4th of July

While watching the firework's display tonight, for the first time, I experienced them with mixed emotions. As usual they were very beautiful and breath taking. Had my new Easy Share camera and tried to capture a bit of the wonder of it all. But tonight a few things distracted me.

First, we were on a side street with many buildings around, which caused the sound of the loud "booms" to really resonate. It sounded like gun battle.

And then I captured the above picture, the orange fireball, and for some reason my thoughts turned to war, and the heavy price that has been paid for our freedom. There really isn't anything free about freedom. As a matter of fact it is quite costly. Ask any mother of a fallen solider. She will tell you.

The other above picture is of the naval battle of Guadalcanal. My Dad fought there in WW II. I have seen real footage from the battle that took place in Iron Bottom Sound, and if color could be added to the old black and white footage, I think it would look alot like fireworks as shown in the above portrait. My Dad and I had the chance to visit there together a few years back. Standing on the shores of where that battle was fought, he told me that if anyone had ever been in the midst of a real war, such as the one that was fought there, there would never be any wars. And I remember him emphasizing the word "never".

So this 4th of July, my heart is heavy burdened for our troops. Some call them "troops" I call them our sons and daughters. I am thankful for them. For the sacrifice they are willing to make for our continued freedom and well being.

Because of them, I am proud to be an American.

Ecclesiastes 3;8 tells us there is a time of war and a time for peace. With all my heart and being, my prayer to God, is that there will soon be a time of peace.

May God bless our "troops" and may He Bless our country with peace.

Happy 4th of July to all, blessings of peace & all that is good.

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Fearless-Isaiah41:10 said...

Isn't it funny how two people can be standing side by side and thinking virtually the same things... fireworks make me sad too.. they make me think of war, Paw-paw, Scott, Uncle Terry and many friends we have lost...I think of all the people who have fought throughout the centuries for our freedoms. A mother losing a son in any century doesn't change the feelings just because hundreds of years have's the same....a saddness that cannot not be expressed with words.... I loved Paw-Paw and Uncle Terry.... I love you both... Happy Fourth of July... We lit a few for you.. There will never be a day that I can hear Taps and keep my eyes dry.... for I think on you..
Love, Jenny