Thursday, July 3, 2008

comments for Me and My Mouth

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Anonymous said...

Well, I am praying for you and no worries... God will protect and guide. And, btw.. just saying "hyperbaric oxygen chamber" gets me wigged out. I think as a child, I had a severe phobia of hospitals..severe..severe..severe.. do you get the idea ;0) well, I don't know exactly why I am so afraid of these places..tubes, beeps, blood could have something to do with it... But, If I got 'psycho-analytical' with it, it probably has something to do with my fear of losing people I love. People die at hospitals... I have a morbid fear of losing people for some reason... don't know?? What do you think? I just think that I am a person who loves very deeply.. therefore, I will sorrow deeply at the loss of a loved one... whatever.. sure you didn't want all this babble just over your tooth.. hee hee
Love you, Jen