Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some Memaws Bake & Some Memaws Do Not

By a long string of coincidences, it's seems I was recently mistaken for a blogger by the title of "Memaw Bakes Memories". This person (who shall remain nameless) except her first initial is J and rhymes with Bennifer, for some reason thought I may be blogging incognito. LOL!

Which brought me to "Memaw Bakes Memories" blog site. Which cause me to read almost her entire blog. Me and 'Bake' have alot in common,we are christians, we are both grandmothers about the same age. We are from the South, we have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Seems 'Bake' post mainly in the wee hours of the morning, as I mostly do. She seems to love her grandchildren alot, me too. And on and on with the similarities.

But here's the deal. 'Bake' bakes. She sews. She gardens. She embroiders. And she has been faithful with posting to her blog. Me.....not so much. I actually got a little jealous reading her blog. She seems to be the Memaw I wish I could be. I've always admired women that seem to be so good at at domestic things. I was not given that gift and I do believe it is a gift from God. Some ladies do it all so effortlessly.

My poor grandchildren. Look at the memaw they got. Their Memaws greatest talent is detoxing drunks and drug addicts. I am known at work for being the one that can handle the most difficult. And oh my, how difficult some can be. I like to read and study. I like to travel. But I don't see how these things benefit my poor grandchildren. I mean don't they wish I could make them something once in awhile, for crying out loud? Shoot, I started out making this blog for them and look how faithful I have been. At the rate I am going they might learn 5 things about me before I'm "all in" (dead). Oh what a wretched woman that I am.

But I am inspired by 'Bakes'. I think for the first time I might email a blogger and maybe become friends. I like her. Maybe she will like me too!

And to my grandchildren...I'll try to start to be more grandmotherly, I promise I will. If any of ya'll want to, you can come and we'll have a sleep over. We'll bake real cookies, maybe I'll fry some chicken. And who knows we might can work on a craft together. Of course there will be a plan B if it don't work out. You know the drill.....Burger King...Teresa's bake shop......friendly game of poker or trip to the movie in place of crafts...lol!

To J whose name that rhymes with Bennifer.......you are so special to me. I love you more and more with each passing moment, day, month and year. You are never in my way or a burden. I will never seek to hide from you my child, my flesh, my own blood and one of the great joys of my life.

Blessings of peace and all that is good,


Jenny said...

My love and kisses to the one who chose to sing a different tune. How else would I know the joy of looking in a mirror and laughing hysterically, when others cry at the footprints that life leaves on their face?
Where would I find the audacity to leave, with permanent ink on my body, the marks of things that I hold dear to my heart?
Yes, the smell of homebaked cookies on a personally stitched napkin may seem to the eye the perfect painting of a grandmother.
However, how do cookies touch a soul? How do napkins change the world? Have your childeren learned from their Memaw that life is more than satisfying a physical hunger.?.. Have they learned to be the arms and hands of Christ touching the world around them? Isn't this a touch that far outweighs the touch of a needle with thread?
Do you know that a real Memaw doesn't leave when things are tough, a real Memaw loves you anyway even though you are rotten to the core, a real Memaw cries with you, a real Memaw is happy when you are happy and sad when you are sad, a real Memaw is silly, a real Memaw understands the pain and offers only a reassuring look instead of grand words or gestures. a real Memaw will sit in the rain to watch a crummy ballgame, a real Memaw will sit in a dark hospital room with only the sound of a fan stirring so that you don't feel alone in the dark, a real Memaw tells you to take a chance, don't be afraid, do you know this?
We'll take our memaw just the way she is... This is our Memaw, you can have your cookies and stitches. Cookies will be gone, stiches can break... but our Memaw has made a difference..that's forever.

I love you Mom, Bennifer

Memaw's memories said...

This is going to be a hoot. I've never detoxed a drunk. And I'm not sure I'd want to.

I'll read your archives. Maybe we can get together sometime and swap a few grandchildren stories.