Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Suff

I am so excited!!! Football is back!! Got to attend my first season football game at the local junior college. Wonderful night. There was just a hint of coolness in the night air, the band sounded great, you could smell the grass on the field and excitement was all over. Oh... and the score was 38-7 my teams favor! Also looking forward to seeing University Southern Mississippi, and many of the local high school teams play as well. Now that I no longer have children involved in sports games, you would think I would be ready to take a break, but just the opposite seems to have happened!

Our area is once again under threat of a hurricane. Seems hurricane Gustav may be headed straight into the Gulf of Mexico and projected to land somewhere east or west of New Orleans. Or heaven forbid straight into New Orleans. I-59 north bound is already congested with traffic leaving out. You can't buy water at Wal Mart, already the shelves are bare. I hope Gustav goes another way. I don't mean to be selfish, but I don't know how we can stand another hurricane like Katrina. Pray for us.

Kudos to John McCain for choosing Sarah Palin as his VP choice. Suddenly the republican ticket is looking much better, physically & politically! Ha! I am one of a few women that will just go on and admit it, that we need a woman in the White House. If it can't be the top of the ticket we will settle for second place, for now. I really did not think that he would pick did most everyone else, so it seems, but great choice. Surprise! surprise!

Sorry, I'm talking politics again ...I can't help it.

Blessings, peace, all good,

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Jenny said...

I love it!! I really enjoy a good football game. The reason I can get into football is because sometimes two teams are so evenly matched that it is the with the most heart and drive that wins! Bubba is such a fruit loop! We go with all intentions to root for Laurel. So the stadium is crowded on Laurel so we head to the visitor side.
1st quarter Bubba is justing rooting away for Laurel... 2nd quarter same thing... they score two TD's and then after the half, he went all Dr. Jekel and Hyde.. started rooting Collins.. I think we are dysfunctional fans... why don't you tune in to my blog to find out the rest of the story..
Read any good football books lately?

Love ya, Jen