Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Winter & I am Cold & Other Stuff

My brother once told me, when we were teenagers, he was going to write a book titled "It's Summer & I am Cold". Why? I have no idea.

This morning, here in good ole South Mississippi, I could easily write a book title, "It's Winter & I am COLD!" I'm not just cold...I'm freezing! It was 29 degrees driving home from work this morning. I know this must make some of my northern buddies laugh, but this is really cold to me...and besides my thyroid is under functioning and hoo for me! Right? LOL!

Other Stuff: Blogland now has a few new up & coming bloggers. Proud to say my daughter and son have started blogging. Also, my grandson's girlfriend, Kellie has started blogging. Seems like I might have started a fad in my family! Imagine that! Fad is old fashioned word isn't it? Sorry...but, if you get a chance, please go over their way and welcome them to blogland.

I have to venture out one more time on this arctic morning to have my hair cut, before I can come home and get into my warm bed and go to sleep. I am desperate for a haircut!

Blessings ya'll, peace & all that is good,


Memaw's memories said...

It has finally reached 41 here in sunny NE Arkansas, but tomorrow and Friday are promising highs in the teens.

I don't mind cold weather as long as it's here today and gone tomorrow.

And by the way, where's all that global warming they've been talking about?

It's All Good! said...

I know how you feel! I want Spring so bad.
I'll head over and meet your family.

Maxine said...

We were just talking about you southern folks a little bit ago. Everything is relative isn't it? It's 17 degrees here now in Philly area, going down to 10 above. Tomorrow a high of 20 and a low of 6 above. That's pretty biting, but then when I read some of the temps of the folks in Great Lakes are and New England states, I feel we've got it pretty good. Hope the polar bears are getting some of the extra frigid air.

jennifer said...

It is funny how blogging is contageous. I caught it from a friend :)