Monday, March 2, 2009

His Hands

There has been a good deal of discussion lately about the future of our country. Not only our country, but the whole world. On every hand it seems negative and pessimistic.

Maybe I'm naive, but I just tend to believe that God has it all under control.

We give man too much credit. And by that I mean, we have a tendency to think "one man" (Bush, Obama, etc...) can make everything better or perhaps worse. Listen, what is 'dust' going to do that God does not allow or have control over?

I just want to go on record here...for the sake of my grandchildren. Doomsday is NOT around the corner and no matter what "they" tell you...the sky is NOT falling! We've seen difficult days in the past. It is difficult today. Perhaps it will be very difficult tomorrow...but God is in control.

He really does have the whole wide world in His hands.

"For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust." Psalm 103:14

Blessings, peace, all good,


Kellie H said...

Amen to that MeMaw! Pray for the prince, but work for the King. Have a wonderful monday. Love you

Susan said...

AMEN He sets up kings and takes them down and controls it all. We just need to be good stewards of that which He chooses to place in our hands. Can I "steal" this picture?!!! I love it and it says it all.

Art said...

AMEN! Excellent post. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be back!

Brenda said...

I agree.
I don't agree with his morals and opinions, but I do respect his office and will pray the Lord's perfect will on him and his family, as I am instructed to do.
That we can live a peaceable life.

MeMaw said...

Kellie- Good morning dear one hope you have a lovely Monday too.

Susan- Thanks for always uplifting comments...of course you may steal this picture! LOL! I;m sure google images don't care either! LOL!

Art- thanks for visiting, I too will be back to visit yours. Blessings

Brenda- That is my prayer too, God's will be done.