Friday, February 27, 2009

Cracked Heads

So here we are tonight, deep, deep, deep into Cajun Country.

We didn't think we would get to be here. Bubba (my son-in-love) had cracked his head. Well not his head but the head or block to his race car. Which means it was ruined and not driveable. All his months of hard work for naught. It would be equal to preparing for the Rose Bowl and then breaking your leg!

But... by a series of miraculous circumstances, over a period of 5 days, a new motor was given to him and his car was repaired.

So off to Louisiana we go. No hotels rooms anywhere due to the race at hand, so I managed to book an overnight stay here at "The Cajun Cottages" a bed and breakfast place. Our cabin is the burgundy colored cabin above. The #2 cabin.

We've never stayed at a bed and breakfast, so this is a new experience.

The cottages are old historic plantation slave quarters. The insides are furnished with antiques from that era. They are rather spooky looking to me, but I am quite sure that most would find them to be quite charming and quaint.

You see I had a great aunt, my grandmothers sister, Aunt Abigale who lived in the French Quarters of New Orleans.

She scared me to death.

We would go to visit her when I was little and she would tell us how she was born with a "black veil" over her face. Said she could see things that nobody else could see. And she ALWAYS saw spooky and scary things. She lived in one of those old shotgun french quarter houses. It had a lot of old antiques and shutters on the doors and windows.

And this "Cajun Cottage" sure does make me think of her and every single scary story she ever told me. Why she said these kind of things to us kids, I have no idea except to say that crazy is in my mothers gene pool.

So here I sit blogging. It's late at night and dark outside. There are mostly marsh and swamp lands surrounding these little slave cottages.

And it's quiet...way, way quiet.

I'm not really all that scared though. I trust that the same God who loved, cared and protected me yesterday, will do the same today, and He will tomorrow too.

We did not get to see the time trials today because we were traveling to get here. I'm told that my SIL had a really good day, running his car with the donated motor.

Tomorrow is the big day. I am confident that the same God that will watch over me as I sleep tonight, will watch over my SIL in tomorrows race.

Now matter the outcome, we've already seen miracles and blessings this week.

What a really great and good God we have.

***Fear not for I am with thee...Isaiah 41:10***


Susan said...

He is the same, today, yesterday and tomorrow. What a foundation to base our lives on. How wonderful someone blessed you SIL like that. God's blessings abound.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was with you guys. I really wanted to see him race. I'll be praying for him today. Please tell them I am. They're on my mind. Love you guys

Brenda said...

Nothing like trying to get a good night's sleep in a place that reminds you of creepy memories. But for God!

Jen said...

Well, I am in the process of ordering a new phone as we speak...well I type lol..I am going to get a phone with internet capabilities because I am NEVER at home..and unless I am in a hot spot, can't use the laptop...aka race I will be able to take the world wide web with me anywhere. I kinda think this procrastination of ordering a new phone is a subconscience way to try to "disconnect" from the world. I remember the days when there were no cell phones, direct tv or wasn't too bad...rather quiet like your cottages...the older I get the more quiet I LOVE...even at the track...sitting and watching cars is peaceful...because nobody is talking or texting...I guess the doctor's should have a new diagnosis... social technology disorder..I would definitely qualify...have you looked at my blog lately? I mean come on..I've choked..ha ha, well, I love you and thank you so much for this blog. I guess you can say I will always have you on my butt..that is if I keep my new phone in my back pocket...((((roaring laughter)))) ha ha ha ha ;0) luv u

bubba said...

All is well..

Barbara said...

I thought the cabins looked very much like slave quarters. Trust you had a good time Debra.

The book sounds interesting. So often the one who is so opposing to God's way is the one that comes through. It's like their journey down the wrong path leads them to the light whereas the disinterested and lukewarm are more likely to stay that way.