Thursday, February 26, 2009

Drag Racin' Dayz

About 18 years ago, my daughter married into a Drag Racing family (see lady with pretty blonde hair).

Yep, here's the guy that stole her heart.

Now together, they just might have created the next Shirley Muldowney (one of the first female drag racers)!

They call her "Miss Behavin" at the race track.

I call her my granddaughter!

Aww gee whiz... Now looks like somebody is trying to steal her heart!!!!

Good Luck Bubba this weekend at Pinks All Out Drag Race! You know I'll be pulling and praying for you!


Susan said...

What a special post!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

she's a cutie allright!

smiles, bee

Brenda said...

How watch, I bet. I don't think you'd every find me behind the wheel!

Kellie H said...

Great pictures. Very Brittany. Ha! I think me and you should crash the Pinks party together! Love you MeMaw

Jen said...

Loved the pics! Never really "saw" us like from that viewpoint. Always just seems normal to me.. loud cars, motors, grease, temper tantrums..I love it!! Can't wait to have my own car one day..but can't afford three cars..let alone the time it takes to maintain them. But, most people want to grow old and fish or travel...we want to grow old and race. Every once in a blue moon we'll see an old couple at the track dragging together...and say, "yep, that'll be us before too long." and I can't wait! Love you Mom, thanks to you and Dad for being at our races it means the world!