Friday, March 6, 2009

A Round Tuit

It's Springtime and I really have no excuse

My house needs a good cleaning and I keep thinking I'll get "around to it". Problem is I keep finding things I'd rather be doing. Like reading, writing, blogging, traveling, spending time with my family and so on and so on, and scooby do be doo bee

I went for a walk today. Yep, I'm still "training" for my marathon. At the rate I'm going I should be able to complete one by the time I am 100. And even at that I'll soon need to be stepping it up a notch to make it by then!

I did something a little differently today. I took my walk through our downtown area. It was rather nice to walk through all the old streets. Some of them are still bricked. I enjoyed walking past some of the little quaint shops that still remain down there. Of course there are many empty buildings that I imagine, at one time, were thriving stores and businesses. That part was a little sad.

I ended my walk at one of my favorite hang outs. The library.

Did I say I needed to clean house?

What house?

Blessings ya'll


Susan said...

Oh I hear you!!!

jennifer said...

I just admire you for getting out and walking!! The house will wait - you keep up the training.

I just KNOW if I could get motivated to really start a walking program I could make a difference with my health. So you keep blogging about it and being inspirational!

Art said...

There's an old saying - "No one on their death bed will wish they had spent more time at the office"... you can add "or cleaning house"!

Brenda said...

That's what I said about my bathroom last night. Supposed to be my project for today, but so I am!

Kanani said...

I love the library! One day I spent an hour just looking through maps. It was a real treat and I felt the luxury of time unfold before me.

I think libraries are so important --especially in this day and age when so many are out of work, or without the resources to access the internet. Whenever I go, I see more people there looking for jobs on the internet, or even keeping in touch with friends through email, since many have given it up at home.

Anyway, hope you're doing well. I started my new job last week, and this week the CEO phoned to say he decided to shut down the entire Medical division, but offered me a different job.

We shall see.

Kellie H said...

I need to get into that walking thing. Maybe sometime you and I can go for a walk together. Love you

Simply_Pam said...

What is it about spring that makes us want to tackle things we have put off all winter? I did some spring cleaning yesterday and started a new "over my head" project. I love the spring time..
To be outside in the warm sunshine Rocks !

Amrita said...

Hi MeMaw, thank you for visiting my blog.This cartoon is very true and if you don 't mind can I steal it?