Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Friday, But Sunday's Coming

It was Friday, and my Jesus is dead on a tree. But that’s Friday, and Sunday’s coming.

Friday, Mary’s crying her eyes out, the disciples are running in every direction like sheep without a shepherd. But that’s Friday, and Sunday’s coming.

Friday, some are looking at the world and saying, “As things have been, so they shall be. You can’t change nothing in this world! You can’t change nothing in this world!” But they didn’t know that it was only Friday, and Sunday’s coming.

Friday, them forces that oppress the poor and keep people down, them forces that destroy people, the forces in control now, them forces that are gonna rule, they don’t know it’s only Friday, but Sunday’s coming

Friday, people are saying, “Darkness is gonna rule the world, sadness is gonna be everywhere,” but they don’t know it’s only Friday, but Sunday’s coming.

Even though this world is rotten, as it is right now, we know it’s only Friday.

But Sunday’s coming!


Excerp taken from the original message by Rev. Marshall L. Shepard, pastor of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, in West Philadelphia.

Beautiful painting by Chris Higman used from Thanks to Chris for providing all his wonderful pictures of our Lord and Saviours Jesus Christ!


ambersun said...

What a lovely, lovely message.

It's true not just at Easter but at other times too.

A few days ago I was desperately depressed and now I feel a kind of peace about things. It may not last but I'll enjoy it while it does.

May God Bless you over Easter


Andrea said...

Good morning, MeMaw! Thank you for sharing these words that are so life-giving. Praise God for Calvary, and praise Him for Easter morning!!! God bless you. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


Kellie H said...

As much as I appreciate Friday, and MAN do I appreciate Friday, Sunday just can't be described in my book! Love you guys.

jennifer said...


Maxine said...

Oh that's powerful! Amen! Sunday's coming! Have a blessed Easter, MeMaw!

Brenda said...

OMGosh, that's one of my favorite sermon's of all time (we heard it 20 years ago). That's one of our favorite quotes around here!

Saija said...

this morning, our devotions used that quote ... and now i see it on your blog again ...

it will be joy unspeakable & full of glory, when Jesus returns for us!

blessings on you ...

Susan said...

Not only did Sunday come.....but the past part is HE is coming AGAIN!!!