Wednesday, April 8, 2009

They Know It

Easter is my all time, all favorite, best, and greatest celebration! And apparently even the Pine trees celebrate our Lords resurrection as well. I received an e-mail recently entitled "Pine Tree Crosses" and was reminded of the Pine trees that make these beautiful little crosses each spring around Easter as they sprout out new growth. I have seen these little crosses of new growth on Pine trees, but never put it all together till now. Little crosses, spring time, Easter, the neat is that?

Sometimes it's difficult for me to describe my feelings at Easter. For me it is a time of heartbreak remembering the suffering that our precious Lord was put through. The pain, the anguish , the rejection. The Crucifixion.

But then there is the rest of the story. The empty tomb. The Resurrection. He lives! He lives! Oh my. How wonderful, how glorious, how victorious! How my heart rejoices!

So these are my thoughts this very cold Southern, Wednesday morning. I've just spent a very difficult and complicated past two nights at work. And before that there was this week end when both my husband and I were sick. He with the stomach virus and I, well I made the mistake of putting my PJ's on and threw my back out while doing so. There is the ever growing prayer list for family and friends as well.

But our God is a great God. And He is good.

And even the Pine trees know it.

Blessings, peace, all good...


Andrea said...

Amazing! I had never noticed the crosses in the pine trees. God is so good, so gracious toward us! Truly, nature sings His praises!
Thank you for sharing this. I hope you and your husband are now much better. Blessings.

ambersun said...

Hi again

What a lovely piece.

Although I'm not glad Jesus suffered the fact that He did makes me feel closer to Him. He can understand.

I only hope I can come through it as well as He did.

God Bless you and the pine trees


jennifer said...

Do you know the whole time we traveled yesterday I was looking at the pine trees for the crosses? I thought about you!

Have a blessed Easter.

Anita C. McCants said...

Amazing! I've never seen this
before. Thanks for sharing.
I am praying for your healing.
God bless you and your family.