Friday, June 19, 2009

Summertime..The Going...Not So Easy!

We're having a heat wave here folks! Yesterday it was 103 degrees and today it was just a few degrees cooler.

I finally broke out my short sleeved shirts. I had about 2 of them. Decided I might be needing a few more since summer does not "officially" start till Sunday. Not wanting to spend alot on clothes that I will hardly ever wear I took off to the thrift store and bought about 5 more. Total cost? A whopping $12.00 and some change.

Our family has a little get together planned in Destin, Florida. The grandchildren all want to go to "Big Kahauna" water park.

Well MeMaw needs a bathing suit. So I went in search for a modest one piece bathing suit. I was also hoping, in addition to modesty, to find one that would also camouflage my flabby arms and legs , suck in my gut, erase wrinkles and make me look "pretty" whilst sliding down slides with the grandkids!

OK...I had to settle for just a modest one. Well, I made it modest anyway by adding a swim skirt to it, plus a cover up. My husband asked me how much it cost.

I told him I had the right to remain silent.

Pictures will not be forthcoming!

Blessings ya'll...


Susan said...

Your bathing suit comments made me smaile big time!!! With all those tops for $12 you could afford to splurge on the swimsuit. Right?!!!

Memaw's memories said...

We are sweltering as well. And remember in Destin, you won't be the only one with wrinkles, folds, etc, and you won't know too many people there anyway.

jennifer said...

L! O! L! Me neither - there will NEVER be pics of me posted in a swimsuit.

Have fun with your family!

(and the heat - UGH! I'm baking down here in South Alabama)

Andrea said...

Yes, it is hot here in north Alabama, too!

I love thrift store shopping!

And how exciting to go to Destin! I have heard it is so beautiful there! I have been near the area, and the beaches are so pretty.

Have a wonderful, joyful weekend in the Lord.

In His Love,


Just Me said...

If you ever do find that magic swimsuit, please post where...I sure could use one! I always find it funny how the clothing with the least amount of material always costs so much more! I got my daughter three summer outfits for the cost of her one swimsuit!

Have fun with your grandkids at the water park!

:-) Stacey