Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And God Said "Goodnight"

I've always been extremely fond of sunsets. There is something just so special and majestic about them. Over the 4th of July week-end I was blessed to have witnessed this one and was able to capture it with my camera. Also, my grandchildren were able to view it with me and well...how cool is that?

We all watched together as the sun slowly faded out over the horizon. One of the grandchildren seemed perplexed that the sun was gone and turned to me and asked, "MeMaw, where did the sun go?"

Not knowing quite how to answer, I said the first thing I thought of. "Well, sweetie", "God just tucked it in for the night."

Photos by me


Anonymous said...

You have such beautiful grandchildren. And they have such a precious grandmother! Love you guys.

Amrita said...

Lovely photo

Just Me said...

How beautiful is that?!! Not just the picture of the sunset, but the sweet memory created for your grandchildren and yourself! God is so good!


Colleen said...

Love sunsets! and your answer to your grandchildren!!