Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is It Fooball Season Yet? And Will Those Saints Ever Go Marching In?

It was November 8, 1970. My best friends older brother and her dad were going crazy in the den of their home. We could not imagine what in the world was going on. Rushing into the den to see what the matter could be, we found them watching a football game!

The New Orleans Saints were playing the Detroit Lions and with 2 seconds left in the game, the Saints were fixing to attempt an impossible, never yet to be been done, 63 yard field goal, to win the game. They were trailing by 2 points and needed 3 to win.

It was impossible in more ways than one. The Saints kicker, Tom Dempsey, had only a half of a right foot and no right hand. What were the chances he could take half a right foot and kick a football farther than anyone in the history of the game?

Well, he did.He nailed it! And the rest is football history.

That long ago day, I come to first love the game of football...and the Saints. Warts, losing streaks, and all.

Little did I know that 30 years later there would be a place kicker/punter in my own life. My youngest son kicked and punted for Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. The above photo is a picture of the last pair of shoes he wore while kicking.

Love those kickers. My heart always goes out to them. Even the ones on the opposing teams.

YouTube can be amazing. I had always wanted to see that kick again, and lo and behold if I didn't find it on YouTube tonight. The last time I saw it was 39 years ago in my friends den. I got chill bumps watching it!

It's a sickness...I know. My symptoms will be relieved once the season starts.

And who knows, maybe... just maybe...this year...will be the year the Saints will go all the way.

Hope springs eternal...


jennifer said...

It is a sickness from which I don't want to be cured! Love college football (Roll Tide) and I GET this post :D

Best of luck to your Saints... they really could go all the way one day...

jennifer said...

(I should start pulling for the Saints since there is not a pro team in Alabama)

Anonymous said...

That's what we get for being from south Louisiana! I'm right there with ya MeMaw! Love you