Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Still Here: Thank You Jesus

Got Jesus, got my husband, got my children, got my family and friends, got my house and job too.

Let's just face whole glass is full.


jennifer said...

Oh it IS full. You are truly blessed. I love how you were so straight to the point.

Thank you for participating Debra. Your post has blessed me.

barb said...

Your glass is full to the brim! :-D

Susan said...

Great post, Debra. With HIM our glass has to be full.

Dianne said...

fantasia has a powerful voice

your post is simply beautiful

Ronnica said...

"my whole glass is full." Love it.

Travis said...

I'm here from Jen's linky.

Indeed! That's my positive reaction to your post.

Happy Positive Day!

Anonymous said...

It is indeed full my friend. Happy Positive Day 2009. ALoha

Mimi said...

Yes, it is so true!!!
Family and God make it full in my book!!!