Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Politically Speaking: Because I Must

If anyone reads my blog on a regular basis, know I don't often talk about politics. I think I did one post during the primaries over a year ago and well...I guess this will be the one post for this year.

I'm keenly aware that politics brings out the worst in people. I know that, I'm just not sure why it has to. We're Americans and we should be able to voice our opinions , beliefs, and differences in such a way that does not incite people to hatred and violence.

Last night I watched a news report that told of a pastor, Steve Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church, Temple, Arizona, who was quoted as saying, in a sermon entitled "Why I Hate Barack Obama", that he prays Obama will die and go to hell.

I cannot begin to tell you how this statement grieved my heart. Oh, the number of untold millions of people that will hear this and say, "that's why I'll never be a christian,"
"I don't need to know this man's jesus".

I can say of a certainty, I don't know this man's jesus either. The Jesus I know would never say such things. The Jesus I know, is a Jesus of love, kindness and compassion. The Jesus I know loves even those who hate and are unkind and teaches me, as His follower, to also love the unlovable.

I understand there are those on the other side of the political spectrum that could be just as capable of saying such hateful statements and have not hesitated to do so when President Bush was in office. That is a given...but it still don't make it right.

In my own home, I'm quite in the minority. Somewhere along the way, my political views shifted. A very liberal conservative, some might say or a very conservative liberal. Most of my family, friends and my dear husband are quite the conservative, conservative. But we manage to love, respect, live and play together each and every day.

My grandson and I often enjoy discussing issues of the day. He is such a blessing to me and might I joyously add, he surrendered to the gospel ministry just this past Sunday! Recently during one of our discussions, he asked me the reasons why I was for health care reform. This post was to state my reasons why and I have many.

But I believe in keeping the most important thing, the important thing. And the most important thing is love, kindness, goodness and compassion toward our fellow man, whether he be lovable or unlovable, conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, for health care reform or against.

At the end of the day, that which unites us, is so much more than that which would divide .

***May God help us all in these difficult days and may He help our elected officials to make wise and good decisions, may He keep them all safe and out of harms way.***


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Debra, I too stay away from politics and religion on my blog.
My beliefs are my own personal business and I know that everyone has their own opinion just like me and no amount of discussion is going to sway me or them. This world really is a mess and it seems people are sometimes looking for a reason to be rude and angry! I can tell you this though, that pastor knows a different Jesus from the one I know too but I think you and I know the same one! :)

Susan said...

AMEN!!! It is someone like this who gives the Body of Christ such a black eye and does so much to hurt the cause of Jesus. I was shocked when I heard the report of this guy. We need to pray that Jesus open his eyes and change his heart.

Mimi said...

HI Debra!!
Being from AZ, that was a very hurtful sermon to be preached from the pulpit at Church and that is why so many liberals want the church to not be tax free as the church must remain seperate. As a Pastor he can Pray for Mr. Obama and Pray he get saved and ask for guidance in being the Pres. I believe he does need salvation and he needs to be asking GOd for help for our country everyday, I'm a very conservative Conservative, so I feel like he is governing from the far left and I was hoping he would govern more from the middle or just left of the middle. I tooo have family and friends that believe very differently then I and we have had our fair share of arguments over it, so I say let's not see eye to eye but please let us walk hand in hand!!!

Mike Golch said...

I f I had a pastor like that i would not remain a member the the church.First of all it is Ok to disagree with some one.It is not Ok to wish harm on a person.

Maxine said...

Amen,Debra. It is unbelievable that a man who calls himself a minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ would say such a thing. It grieved my heart to read it. I agree with Susan. May the Lord save him and deliver him.

Lena . . . said...

Too much of God has been taken out of or away from our country because we MAY offend someone. Unfortunately, no one ever thinks of those they are offending by demanding that God be taken out of all these things. Let's get God involved again and our country and everyone who lives in it will be much better off.

Colleen said...

I am saddened by stories such as that pastor. And I see it in the blogging world. I feel very strongly about certain issues and have occasionally posted about them. But some people become so angry and judgmental of those who disagree. We need to trust in God and pray for those with whom we disagree. And pray for conversion of hearts! God bless.

Grayquill said...

May wisdom like yours increase. Great Post.
Preach it lady!

Rose said...

Debra, Amen! I cringe when I hear comments like that. As you stated, it's not at all the Jesus of the Bible. I grew up in a similar type church where the pastor taught hatred of blacks. He even wrote a book about it. Apparently I wasn't listening because we have bi-racial members in our family. The preacher you mentioned and others like him who claim to represent Christ are treading on dangerous ground and need prayer for the scales to be lifted from their eyes. Woe to those who cause another to stumble. God bless you and have a wonderful day. (Love your blog page!)

They call me Deb said...

Well I am so blessed that I chose to visit you from my friend Rose's blog page!!
My views also have changed over the years. Today, both my husband and I share views that are a bit 'different' than most of our Christian neighbors, relatives and friends.
Often, just for the reasons you gave, we simply keep our opinions to ourselves.
I've seen and heard so much anger and downright hatred that's being spewed from the pulpit and from the community of believers that it greatly grieves my heart. I can't imagine what it does to the heart of our loving Father. As Ambassadors for Christ, how does this portray our Savior to the world?
May God bless you for your truthful and lovingly posted blog.

Katherinellen said...

Amen Sista,
It's so sad and hurtful to hear a person or a preacher who called themself a follower of Jesus Christ would say or wish that on someone. He doesn't know the the Jesus Christ I know...We are to "Loved our neighbor as ourself"...."Love one another" "God is Love" Let us join together in prayers for Steve Anderson...To oopen his eyes....Pray for our Governments and Presdent...Baracck Obama....Let us join hands and hands in prayers for those who don't know Jesus Christ...who give us Love,Hope,Faith,Comfort,and Peace.... That their eyes and ears will be open to see and hears the WORDS...Lord Jesus Christ Our Lord! Amen! Katherinellen

Andrea said...

What a terrible, tragic statment, and its rendering is even magnified by its coming from a pastor.

May the Lord help all of us to be humble and obedient. May we express our opinions with truth and love.

Thank you for sharing your kind, Christ-filled heart with us.

Many blessings,


Kanani said...

Hatred is something that one has to decide that they're not going to let enter their mind or that they're going to practice.

I've found that when I engage in any hateful thoughts, I feel just awful, my behavior is lousy, and I always regret it. It's not how any diety would have us relate to the world.

Anyway, recently I went back over to the Meditation Mount and was reminded of this one spiritual value: "relate to every indidivual remembering their humanity." Not easy to do all the time, but far better to try than not.
Big hugs to you!

xinex said...

I cannot believe any pastor could say hateful things like that. I hope people can pray for him too and for the leasders of our country too..Christine

jennifer said...

Oh Debra, I have felt the same way about that pastor. We are followers of Christ and He would never lead us in that direction. It is hate speech hiding behind a pulpit and it breaks my heart!!!!

I am praying that God will help this man see the TRUTH.