Monday, September 14, 2009

To New York With Love

I never expected to feel at home there, but in hind sight I guess I should have known. I mean after all...I've always been a city girl. And Oh my! What a city it is!

The first time my husband and I visited there was in July of 2001, approximately 7 weeks before that awful day in history.

The day that would become known only as 9/11, the day that would forever change that beautiful skyline.

Also "the day" that would change hearts and lives forever, not only for those who lost friends, family and loved ones, but also would change the hearts and lives of a nation.

I love you New York!

And we'll be back to see you again very soon!

I'm pretty convinced that beauty will rise from ashes.


mizmollye said...

Hey Debra, Thanks for visiting my blog. Yep love those Saints too and they started off with a bang! What a story there you have in being in New York right before our world was forever changed. You seem like such a sweet and strong person. Hugs, Mollye

Susan said...

I've only had one brief day tour into NYC and probably will never make it back. No, life will never be the same in our nation after 9/11 but it's that Beautiful City of God that we set our eyes upon and look to.

Rose said...

Debra, I have always wanted to go to New York. How wonderful for you. Love the pictures. I cannot imagine going there now, even though I had not been before, but I would think you can feel the change. Especially this time of year. Those images will never be erased from our minds!

Travis said...

Thanks for dropping by my place. Sorry to take so long to return the visit...dang computer issues!

I've been to NY twice now, and I agree that it's quite the city. Both visits were after 11 Sept 2001. I would have liked to have seen the towers in person before they fell, but I did see the strength of the people of NYC.

jennifer said...

I loved New York when I visited it too. That was after 9/11 and it was sobering visiting Ground Zero.

God Bless the USA!

They call me Deb said...

My husband's dad was from N.Y. but we've never visited there.
You're photos are wonderful - thanks for allowing us to visit with you.
May God continue healing N.Y. and those around the world who have suffered through this tragedy.

Maxine said...

I love New York and have been there several times. It's lovely in the evening when you can go to a show. But it's been a long time for me. We live only ninety minutes away.

You are right about that day is 2001. Forever etched in our hearts. I love what Susan said about that Beautiful City of God we have to look forward to.

This was such a nice post, Debra.

Mimi said...

HI Debra!!!!
New York City is one of a kind, I too visited there before 9-11, actually our visit was 1994. But one time left a huge stamp on my heart of heart as far as places to go back and visit!!!!
I will one day get back there!!!!

Grayquill said...

Interesting...I have never even had a smidge of a desire to go to New York. Give me the desert lake or a gravel road that leads to - lets find out. Now, my wife and daughter, totally different. Both have been to NYC. Daughter wants to live there. If she moves I am guessing my desire will also change.
I am glad you got to do something you wanted to do.

xinex said...

You are so right about NY. There is a certain crispness to it. And you know whatever happened, it will always come back and survive...Christine

Kellie H said...

I'm going to New York in April. I promise to post pictures for you to enjoy. I miss you and love you.

Buttercup said...

Thanks so much, and we love our visitors.