Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saints Alive!

We've seen a whole lotta bad days at

the New Orleans Saints Superdome.

Today, wasn't one of them!

New York Giants.........27

New Orleans Saints.....48

Saints Alive! YEY!


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Yes, they are alive! I think my Titans have died though! :(

Rose said...

Woohoo....bout time. YAY!!!

Mike Golch said...

good for your Saints.

Travis said...

That was so unexpected, but congratulations on the big win!

sonja said...

I LOVE it! What a game!!! Amd the music coming on your blog just made it perfect.

Anndi said...

Good for you!

New Orleans needs some good juju.

jennifer said...

I am THRILLED that the Saints are 5-0... AWESOME!!

So what do we say Debra? I am so accustomed to "Roll Tide" I don't know what our 'phrase' is.

Geaux Saints? Is that it?

Anyway... YAY SAINTS!!

Maxine said...

Okay, okay, they beat my Giants. I forgot you were a Saints fan. Being a sports fan sure has its ups and downs doesn't it? lol

Mimi said...

Oh Yes, those Saints really came MARCHING IN!!!!!!!
Good job!!!!!
I love Football too!!!!!
Denver is 6-0 and I think the Saints have the next best record or tied for it with Vikings?????