Thursday, November 12, 2009

The good pastor announced tonight that because the need for revival across our country is so great, and as Christians we need to be praying that revival happens, the church staff had decided to keep the Chapel opened for prayer all day, every day!

This is welcomed news!

I have often wanted to go to the Lord's house to pray.
Times when there was not a service scheduled. I know that the Lord hears our prayers where ever we pray them, but sometimes you just feel the need to be at church, you know?

I realize that in this day and time there are security issues that churches are concerned about.

I can't help but wonder though...

If the benefits would not be worth the risk.

Christians in churches, praying at all hours of the day and night, who knows what could happen.

Revival maybe? Throughout our land?


jennifer said...

Debra I remember when the attacks on the World Trade Center occurred. Our community had prayer vigils during the day at various churches. There was something about being in the church in the middle of the day with no organized service happening... it felt nice being afforded that opportunity.

I hope that the open door policy for your church goes well.

Colleen said...

Great idea! I love it! We keep our church open all day but not all night, except when we have Adoration.

Mimi said...

I would gladly welcome Revival in our land!!! Oh boy do we need to see a real outpouring of God's Holy Spirit!!!!
I should stop in a church sometime and Pray just for that very reason!!!!
God Heal our hearts and our land.

sonja said...

My dad was a minister and the passion of his life was Prayer and Revival! And how I know he would be saying a good loud "AMEN" to this post, and so do I!

xinex said...

That's a good move, Debra! How are you doing?...Christine

Susan said...

This speaks directly to my heart and has been a desire of mine for years. I think both Churches and schools buildings should be put to a lot more use than they are. Such a waste.

Maxine said...

I don't know when I've heard anything as refreshing as this in a long time. Kudos to your pastor! How I long to see this happening across our land! Who knows what God would do with that! I hope this is the first of many other churches doing exactly the same! Not only might this have an effect on the country, but our own souls as well.

Rose said...

Debra, our church does this quite frequently. I think they close the doors at 10:00p.m. but they leave then open all day and we have never had any problems.
We have had some people who were struggling find peace and comfort when they were actually able to go into the church and just commune with God.
I sure do understand your thoughts on security but I too wish more churches would do this. It just might cure some of the ills this country has.

jennifer said...

GO SAINTS! Enjoyed watching them win this afternoon!

Andrea said...

Yes, I believe if God's people were to fall on their faces and cry to him, we would see revival.

What a humbling, yet powerful thing your church is doing. I praise God with you. Your church will be blessed.

Thank you for your prayer and comments. Have a wonderful week.


jennifer said...

Tic Tac Toe, three in ... well, not a row but in your comments.

I left you an award on my blog. Wish it had a cash prize to go along with it :)

Anonymous said...

What a refreshing thought! Churches with open doors!

I was spoiled years ago. As a church organist, I could go in whenever I wanted to. Been a long while since that time, tho.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... what a concept. I'm with your commenter Mimi - we desperately need a true Revival in our land and I too would stop to pray in any church that was open - just for that reason.
How sad that many churches are only 'open for business' once (maybe twice) a week.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I do feel that I want to go to the church and pray. I pray at home all through the day...But there is something about praying in chruch...Yes we do need a revival for our nation...This is a great photos of First...It's beautiful!
I am sorry about your SIL...Jeanne. My prayers are with you and your family. Love ..Love the picture of you and hubby in NY...LOL And Yeah for the Saints! Thanks for your prayers and keep us in your prayers. I thought about you last Tuesday....We need to get together again soon...Love ya my friend...Will keep in touch..Kathy