Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Blubbery Kinda Mess

I knocked softly on his dressing room door.

In the distance I could hear the congregation singing.

I felt foolish and embarrassed. But I had to tell him. I could not wait for another second to go by. If I had to wait, well then, my heart would burst wide open!

For heaven's sake! He was trying to change clothes for the baptismal service that was awaiting him in the church auditorium. And here I was, standing at this door, crying, trying to compose myself so I could make some sense when I spoke. Could I not do anything right? Not even something so monumental as this?

"Brother Lynn", "I need to speak to you."

After what seemed like an eternity, my pastor opened up the door and I told him. I told him that as he had preached that evening's message I had asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart and that He had done so! I had repented of my sins and wanted to follow Him forever.

My pastor seemed a little surprised.

Yes, I had been a church member, but in name only. Not only that, when I had went forward that evening during the invitation, I was so full of God's love and overwhelmed it was difficult for me to speak. So ,as I mumbled what was apparently incoherent repentant words to my pastor, he just shook my hand and me, not knowing what else to do, returned to my seat!

As I sat there, I knew he had misunderstood. What could I do? He was already making his way to the back of the church to change his clothes for the baptismal services.

A few minutes went by and I could stand it no longer. TODAY was the day and NOW was the time! Eternity stood in the balance and I could not proceed without declaring to my church, my family and the world what had just taken place! Jesus had come to live in my heart!

So, with as much boldness as I could summon up, I bolted for the back of the church and got that preacher out of his dressing room!

Brother Lynn was a good and gracious pastor. He smiled and we both apologized to each other. Him for not understanding during the invitation and me for being a blubbering mess. We had prayer and he escorted me out front tell the church my good news.

I got baptized that very night in the same dress I had come to church in. I was six months pregnant with my second child Scott. The pastors wife loaned me some of her clothes to go home in.

It was nice getting saved and baptized during the same service. Even if I did have trouble speaking and had to run the preacher down in his dressing room!

The middle of March will make 35 years since that night I was so wonderfully touched by the Master's hand and what a journey it has been!

My earnest prayer is that if you are seeking to step out and make that decision, do it today, do it now. Whatever it takes. You will never regret it!

For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16


Brenda said...

What a great testimony. I am so glad that you shared that on your blog. God's grace is our joy and blessing.

jennifer said...

You were a precious blubbery kinda mess in the sight of God. I love the way he kept drawing and leading you. Beautiful testimony!

Anonymous said...
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Laurie said...

Yikes! I went to comment and I see someone has spammed you - is that the term for this kind of interference? I am not going to let it interfere with your post; your post is beautiful,and I hope that anyone reading it will search their hearts and ask themselves if they desire a true relationship with Jesus, and that they will know He welcomes them with open arms. It was 23 years ago, and I was in my 30s and had gone to church all my life. It is never too late and no one is excluded!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh... Sharing such a moving and powerful testimony has made the enemy so upset that he caused someone to spam you! lol
I felt like you drew us right into your church and we were able to peek into your life and watch that amazing "blubbery" transformation!
I pray that MANY will read and be drawn into a true relationship with God through Jesus - because you were bold enough to lovingly share your experience.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story. It is a good thing to be drawn bcak to THE moment, and remember. I'm sorry about the spam, too.

Stacey said...

That's an awesome testimony, Debra! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!!

I had a professor in Bible college named Dr. Martin. He'd been pastoring a church for 10 years and had just preached a message on salvation when he realized that he had all the right words but had never accepted Christ! That must have been some service!

I think it's awesome! I fear that there are many church members in this world who feel the Holy Spirit tugging on their heartstrings, but they are too worried about what others will think to do anything about it.

I'm so glad that you didn't let pride stop you!!! It will be wonderful to meet you in Heaven one sweet day!

Travis said...

This isn't something I really understand or subscribe to, but I'm glad you found the thing that makes you content in your life.

Mimi said...

HI debra!!!
great story of your salvation and Babtism!!!! It is indeed a Great gift that he gives us everlasting life and a life full of Blessings and good things and he listens and understands things we are going through, I cannot imagine my life with out him, although I feel bad, some of those years I did not serve him with 100% of my heart. It is so good to be back in with him 100%!!!!
Blessings for you this day and always!!!!
thanks for sharing, you never know who this story may impact!!!!

Tiz said...

My, My, what a precious testimony.

Thanks for visiting Prayerfully Yours. Your comments are a blessing and an encouragement to me. I am not much of a commenter myself!!!!

Because of His Grace,

sonja said...

This takes me right back to a childrens meeting in our church when I was 7. It was the day I accepted Christ, and I will never forget it either.

Thanks for sharing this!


Maxine said...

Oh, Wow! What a fabulous testimony! Now that is something. I love hearing about the different ways God has had dealings with His children to bring them to Himself. I too was saved after having been a church member for years, but it wasn't quite as dramatic a story as yours! Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!

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