Monday, February 1, 2010

A Tribute To January 2010!

This was a beautiful January day at a beach on the Gulf Coast. I just love watching the water like this. It reminds me of an ocean filled with sparkly diamonds !

The scene from the window of a beautiful restaurant my husband and I ate at in Ocean Springs, MS. Can't remember the name, but the food was delicious. Oh and it was about 20 degrees outside.

We decided to go shopping the other day and this was the scene in the parking lot of the mall. And no we didn't have to fight crowded stores, so it worked out pretty good for us.

I'm sorry, I just refuse to stay home when the weather is bad. Please note that I am not driving and taking pictures!

A frozen fountain in front of the Ocean Springs, MS hospital the day I went to see my brother when he was so sick. It's not suppose to be this way in COASTAL Mississippi... is it?

I've been mesmerized by the trees as we pass by in late evening. So bare...

...and lonely looking

A very cold water spill at a nearby lake

If there is one thing that calms me, speaks peace to me and gives me great clarity of thought , is sitting near a body of water. I miss living close to the Gulf of Mexico so I tend to seek out water where ever I go.
Having visited my brother after he was transferred to Oshcner's hospital,in New Orleans, we took a little drive around the city to see some sights. This is an auto parts store who love the "who dats"! Apparently their store is on the first level. This is a shot of the second floor. Maybe the owners live on the top level?

OK, this is not a January picture. This was taken on Christmas day and my husband and I decided we would eat at the local China Wok for lunch. We kinda enjoy that for some reason. Maybe because the family on "Christmas Story" ate there. We had enjoyed Christmas Eve the night before with the children so it was just me and my guy. And yes, he brought his favorite "Bubba" teeth to clown around and embarrass me with!

Sometimes, we just crack ourselves up! LOL! long to January, you'll be missed but not forgotten...for more reasons than one!

Blessings everyone! Have a great Monday!

~~All photos by me~~


Susan said...

Loved this Debra!! Mickey & I spent one winter in Magnolia Springs, Alabama, just inland from Gulf Port. No, the weather was NOT like that!!! We ran around in summer clothes the entire time. Our second daughter and first granddaughter we in Hurricane Katrina when it hit Ocean Springs, Mississippi!!! One of those life changing events in their life, but as God so often does, turning bad into good, it has been for the good!

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Hey Debra, wish you could remember that restaurant's name. We are always looking for good places to eat on the coast. Since Katrina it hasn't been easy to find them! :)

jennifer said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your tribute to January 2010. I can't believe the first month of this year is GONE. Time is flying by it seems.

Let's hope Spring is just around the corner!

Maxine said...

Nice photos, Debra! Such beautiful scenery pictures! Really love that Bubba one!!

Listen, I just sent you a link to a video!

Anonymous said...

That first photo looked like a filed full of hail or snow balls until I read where it was taken. Thanks for warming me up with your photos today. Ocean . . . . ahhh!

Travis said...

We'll stay home if it's icy. Or if there is snow on the ground, because neither of us is comfortable driving in those conditions.

But rain or sleet or fog...if we have plans, we go.

Mimi said...

HI Debra!!!
Great pictures!!!!
I love the Gulf/Ocean when it sparkles like that too!!!! So pretty!!! WOW, yes, that is cold in southern, MS!!!!! My fountain has only froze in motion one time!!!!!
How is your brother by the way????
Your hubby is so funny and so sweet, I hope you are not embarresed, I think it's cute!!!! We tried to do Chinese food for Christmas last year as my fridge broke on the 23rd of Dec. and we could not find 1 open, so fridays it was!!!! Someday I will share that story but because it goes with a very sad story, I just do not think I can type it yet.

Brenda said...

You also crack me up!
As much as I'd rather have spring and summer seasons rather than winter, I do like seeing the sky thru the bare trees, like silouettes.

Grayquill said...

That last picture is the best - I almost fell out of my chair laughing. You were not laughing at all in the picture. What's wrong Debra? The key is to out embarrass him. My sister in law has that down to a science. I will pass this piece of wisdom on just so you can keep that husband's leash a little shorter. When he pull out those teeth in public - start singing opera at the top of your lungs. I think it will cure him.
Good Luck.

Amrita said...

Love the photos specially the frozen fountain