Sunday, May 11, 2014

10 Things About My Mother

She liked to color her hair red. I don't remember a time her hair was not auburn or red... except for maybe the brief period of time she wore a platinum blonde wig. She had bought a mink coat to go with it.  Apparently Daddy's credit was still good at D. H. Holmes department store.

She had pretty green eyes. When she cried they became a bright emerald colored green.

My Mama had an affinity for flawed people.  Apparently that is a trait that is passed on in DNA.  With Mama it was a social thing. I made it an occupation.

Mama used to gather up all our old clothes .  When we would go visit my Granny  in Monroeville, Alabama she would take them to Maebell-- my Granny's long time colored maid--who had at least 10 children.

Mama liked Maebell and would stay and visit with her for what seemed like hours on end.  Sometimes I went with Mama down to Maebell's tiny shack.  I can still see her sitting on one end of Maebell's bed--Maebell on the other end nursing her newborn-- them laughing, talking and carrying on just like they were best friends.  It was the first time I ever seen someone nurse a baby. It seemed weird to me at the time.

Another time while visiting Granny I had two baby teeth pulled right before the trip to her house. After arriving my gums began to bleed and would not stop. My Dad and Grandmother were very nonchalant about it.  But I kept bleeding...and bleeding .  Mind you my Grandmother lived in a very rural area and who knows where a dentist might be. Well my Mama put me in the car--by herself--rushed me through those red dirt back roads into Monroeville--found a dentist at a baseball game--who rushed me to his office and finally got the bleeding to stop.  The dentist thought at the time I might be a "free bleeder".  As it turns out I was not as I never had a bleeding episode like that again.

One year Mama got everyone socks and underwear for Christmas.  She passed on to me the same knack for gift giving. 

Mama like to play poker. She had a little red coin purse. Sometimes that little purse would be bulging with money-- other times it would be empty . Such is the life...sigh. My daughter says one time Grandma was babysitting her and asked her if she wanted to play "52 Pick Up".  Grandma was shuffling a deck a cards. My daughter--@ 5 years old-- says sure! Next thing she knows the cards are scattered all over the floor and room.  Grandma laughed and said--there they are! Now pick them up!

In 1966 Mama bought a 1952 aqua blue Cadillac.  I don't think we ever went anywhere in it.  It broke down soon after she bought it. It stayed parked in front if our house and became a great place for me and my friends to sit and have long talks in.

My Mama is in heaven now.  I didn't know how much I loved her.  How could I have not known for so long?
I love you Mama
Happy Mother's Day in heaven.

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins." 1 Peter 4:8


forsythia said...

What a charming portrait of your mother. She sounds like a delightful person.

Debra said...

Thanks Forsythia. She never met a stranger and seemed to like everyone.