Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Desert Spaces And Places

Badwater Basin Death Valley

This past July my husband and I went to the desert.  About a year before I had become fascinated or more aptly put , obsessed with the desert . I had watched a documentary about ultra marathon runners that run a 135 mile race in Death Valley-- in July.  That's 135 miles in July -- in temperatures often exceeding 120 degrees!! Sounds impossible doesn't it? If you google Badwater Ultra-marathon you can read all about it.

I'm never going to run Badwater. Nor walk it. Nor crawl it. But I thought I might be brave enough to drive through it-- in July-- in a rental car --perhaps? Nah...we opted for a tour of it instead. Amazing is all I can say...and hot--very, very hot!

The only thing bad about visiting Death Valley is having to stay in Las Vegas. The nearest adjacent metropolis.  I can't think of two people more out of place than my husband and I in Las Vegas.  It was comical really. And I almost died in the Cheese Cake Factory, deep within the recesses of Caesars Palace, but that's a story for another day.

Las Vegas is a desert within a desert. A spiritual desert of vast proportions. But where sin abounds grace does much more abound.  And oh my! The potential for grace there is off the chain. 

Sin abounds...Grace does much more abound...took me half a life time  to learn that. 

I got it now.

Blessings of peace and all that is good.


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forsythia said...

Yes, it's hot. I've never been to Death Valley, but I was in 130-degree heat in California for about 20 seconds, the time it took to walk from the gas-station store to the car. We were expecting our first baby nearly 50 years ago. All I wanted was a Milky Way candy bar. Frozen would have been nice, but mine wasn't, and it turned to a soupy goo during that short walk. I drank it anyway. :-)