Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Confessions

It's true. For years and years my husband and I "lied" to our children.  We told them that Santa had visited our house on Christmas Eve and brought them presents while they lay sleeping in their beds.  We participated in this fairy tale tradition as born again believers. We never once regretted doing so.  At some point along the way our children got a clue it was really Mom and Dad and that it was just a fun way to make believe.  It was fun and games. To this day I've yet to have one of my children confront us on why we "lied" to them as children. All three of my children have grown up to be mature, well adjusted Christians.  None of them seem to be angry with us that we hoaxed them all those years at Christmas time.

Recently, a pastor from Harlem, Georgia posted three words on his church lawn signage. Santa is Satan

What?  Really?

I suppose Satan could disguise himself as Santa. Satan uses many disguises. He disguised himself  as an angel of light. Is it possible he could be disguised as a preacher from Harlem, Georgia? Sorry, but that sign was really mean!

And as some of us know, "there is nobody as mean as people being mean for Jesus."  (Rev. Welton Gaddy)

If one looks for evil he will surely find it.
If one looks for goodness he too will surely find it.

At Thanksgiving this year my grandchildren were visiting. I had purchased quite a pitiful and puny Christmas tree. Almost a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  We decided to decorate it anyway. I thought it would be fun for us to cover it in tinsel. And cover it we did! We had the most fun throwing that stuff all over it. What a mess!  But what a memory!

My grandchildren without a doubt know that  the Christmas tree is a decoration.  The tinsel we plastered it with is a sparkly decoration. Bells, lights, ornaments, AND Jolly Old Saint Nick (Santa) all decorations and play like stuff.

They know as most every Christian knows that the reason for the season is Jesus. His birth. Oh Holy night that it was!

Isn't there enough war on Christmas by unbelievers?
Must supposedly believers now join in the same war?

I've never known one person to say Santa Claus kept them from knowing Jesus.

So stop with the Santa is Satin stuff.  It just makes you look mean, cold hearted and hateful.  It does nothing to promote grace, kindness, love or mercy. No one will come to Christ or your church because you hate Santa Claus.

Merry Christmas everyone AND Happy Holidays too!
(Yes, I am one of those rare breed of people who happen to love Jesus, live in the South and be quite liberally minded. After all the title of  this post is Christmas Confessions and I don't understand when the greeting Happy Holidays became a curse word. )

Blessings of peace and all that is good,

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forsythia said...

Santa is Spanish for "saint" and "Santa Claus" is another name for Saint Nicholas, an early Christian saint. Maybe that mean pastor thinks that saints are "satans" too. Poor man. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Debra. I plan to post more regularly in 2015 and hope you do too.

Grayquill said...

Ohhhh boy....the good news is after you read a sign like that you get to still be Deborah...that poor soul is stuck with himself 24/7...gotta feel a little bit bad for must suck to him.
Best wishes and I hope your new year is a pastor from Harlem free :-)