Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Annunciation Catholic Church (1960) New Orleans

As some would say, "I was born into the Catholic Church". My maternal grandmother was a devout and practicing catholic. My mother not so much.

My first remembrances of church, of any kind, was Annunciation Catholic Church on the corner of Mandeville & Uriahs streets. The above picture is an actual, up to date picture of the church. It was there I heard about Jesus for the very first time. I went to catechism there, was taught all of my recited prayers and made my first communion there. And although I have long left the catholic church, due to doctrinal differences & beliefs, I still credit the church for first telling about the love of God, Jesus, and the great sacrifice he made for mankind.

The ONLY thing, of a physical nature I have left from my childhood is a record of my first communion and the prayer beads that belonged to either my mother or grandmother, I am not sure which.

First communion day, is an important day in the life of a catholic child. It occurs when one is about 7 years old. After attending weeks of catechism classes, you are taught how to go to confession, tell your sins to a priest, say penance, and then you are allowed to partake in communion. Communion is equal to the Lords Supper in Protestant churches.

The little girls get all dressed up in white, white dress, white shoes and socks, white gloves, white prayer book and to top it all off a white headband with a veil attached! The little guys wear a suit and carry a prayer book. I can remember feeling very special that day and loved by God.

There is not a time now that I do not pass by a catholic church that I do not think about my childhood days of attending church at Annunciation. Feelings of being special and loved by God. It was quiet and peaceful there. It was a safe place from my turbulent home life.

In 1975, at the age of 22, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour at Parkview Missionary Baptist Church. I continue now to serve in a baptist church. My name is written in the only roll book that will ever matter. The Book Of Life. The Lamb's Book of Life that is. Hallelujah!

Blessings, peace, all good,


Sarge Charlie said...

I am so pleased that you stopped by and left a comment. Obama and his vote in the State House to withhold medical aid for a botched abortion formed my opinion, Sarah was a huge plus. If I helped you decide then I have done my job, keep the faith.

Jen said...

Can I still become a nun? ha ha ha... what about a monk? Isn't there a quiet place out there for me to contempt the deep mysteries of life? Oh well, guess not.. for now, I will try and survive in a loud loud world! love ya, Jen