Saturday, September 13, 2008

While I was Gone

1) Several weeks ago, I bent over to pick up a piece of paper off the floor and something "snapped" in my upper right back. It hurt so bad I almost passed out. I had back pain for a few days but then it resolved some and I thought the worst was over.

But no, the pain came back and with a vengeance this time. The only way to get total relief is to lie flat on the floor. Problem is you can't accomplish much in this position. Then there are "pain" medications. Which really should be labeled "stupid" medications. After taking them, the pain is still there, you just get to feel stupid and if your lucky, sleepy.

Sitting at the computer aggravates it even more, so I have had to limit my time at the computer. I have had to re learn the art of actually picking up a book to read. I have actually had to use a concordance to look up scripture instead using the computer. I've had to look at news papers for the news and try to watch a few things on tv.

I'm convinced that watching tv is like taking pain medication. It just makes you stupid.

2) This past Wednesday night, I had a brief respite from the pain, and got to attend the last night of a bible conference. I cannot tell you when I have enjoyed an evening in church more, including the Billy Graham crusade in Jackson, MS back in the 70's, and that is saying something.

But the pain is still there. I'm trying to not let it overwhelm me. How long can this last? I covet your prayers.

Blessings, peace & all that is good,

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Jenny said...

Oh Mom, I feel so bad about your pain. I remember how I felt before my want to shake people and scream.."Do you even have a clue as to how much this hurts!" I am praying for you.. thank you so much for the cupcakes...she really needed that! Love and Kisses, Jen