Saturday, February 14, 2009

Computer Poor

I received a wonderful surprise for my Birthday! My husband blessed me with a laptop computer! Oh my! How cool is that!

I can now be online just about the den, in the dinning room, in the garage, in the kitchen (but who goes there right?) in the the car, on trips! At hotels! No more running down to the hotel business office, late at night, in my pj's to check out the blogs and whatnot, pretending I have important business that must be taken care of!

Some might say I am computer poor, what with two computers in a household where only one person uses computers.

I say...I've fallen into some type of "computer heaven"!

Makes me kinda want to go to an Internet cafe' just to show off my new laptop or as my husband says labtop.

I must stop and get off this thing...please someone help me just close it go to bed...

Now... I'm gonna do it right now.

Now... I'm going for real.

Really, really, for real, this time

Now...blessings, peace, and all that is good!


Simply_Pam said...

I know how excited you are. For years I have had a desktop and just added a laptop a couple of mos ago. Hot Pink !Yesterday I got my son one! So we have 3 in the house. Can you say addicted? Lol

Barbara said...

How fantastic and I do understand, really!
Lovely pictures of your Grand children and a beautiful Valentine post.

Susan said...

You are blessed!!!

Brenda said...

You're hilarious!
I love having a laptop. They're so convenient.

jennifer said...

WONDERFUL gift!! I think he got you something that will bring you much joy.